thanks to mr and mrs barker finch, mr and mrs manny, and mrs. mailce for a lovely evening of fruit dipping and uproarious laughter.  i have an actual belly ache from laughing, the best kind of all.  i have some leftover thingys- manny's pictures from hawaii, malice's cd's and nail stuff.  i might want to keep the mix cd, though- nice work on that one!  oh, and a big fat holla to the white wine spritzer, which was supposed to make us less drunk.  not sure that really panned out, judging by the pounding head i have today.  wheee! 

in related news, i've decided to buy myself a sewing machine this summer.  i need to use up my fabric stash and whip stuff up a little quicker than i can do with the knitting needles and crochet hook (although i am quite fast with the hook- watch yourself!) 

if anyone has suggestions/reviews/personal vindettas towards a particular brand or model, please do share.  many thanks. 

disclaimer: i do not write things down when I cook, nor do i measure.  throw caution to the wind!  the wind, i tell you! 

strawberry fruit dip

one package neufchatel cream cheese, softened

one individual size carton blended strawberry yogurt

4 or 5 shakes cinnamon

2 or 3 big pinches sugar, or a few turns of honey

blend all with hand mixer till smooth, chill till you're really hungry, serve with cut fresh fruit. 


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