me? finish?

ok, crafty-type peeps of the interweb, here is a challenge for you.  yes, YOU!  turkey feathers has taken the May "Use What You Have" idea to its logical conclusion and suggested June as "Finish What You Have" month.  i don't know about anyone else, but i neeeeeed this challenge.  i can't count how many unfinished knitting adventures lurk within the craft crevices of my home.  i can't even find most of the crevices…crevasi?  anyway, you know what i mean. 

SO, starting today, i will work entirely on projects i have already begun, and i will even share a lofty goal here- i will finish the european vacation album i started last summer.  i've got about 3 days of the trip covered in about one year's time, so the last 10 or so days in less than a month sounds totally reasonable!  er, yeah!  maybe i will start with the knitting…

anyone want to join me?  come on, finish that baby blanket for the child who is now driving- he'll have a baby someday.  get on that tea cozy you started for the china teapot your cat knocked onto the floor and shattered- you can find another teapot to fit, i promise.  i'll even go to the goodwill with you to find it.  deal?

you know what would be great- finish the baby projects for the babies who have since grown up (gotten married, bought houses, had kids of their own) and donate them to a worthy baby-related cause!  you know, like this one, or this, or even this, in my very city no less.  woo-HOO!

and thus ends my link-i-est post ev-AH! 

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  1. Big Sissy Says:

    I accept your challenge! I have a crocheted blanket that needs finishing (for the baby that is 15mos old!) Maybe even the dolphin blanket for my 2 1/2 old nephew could see the ‘ocean’ soon….

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