wow, that was easier than i thought…

 ok, one down, six hundred bagillion to go! 

once upon a time, in a little school in downtown b'more, i worked as a teacher of science and computers.  although this was what the school paid me for, i spent a lot of time there teaching my elementary-aged students music, knitting, and crochet.  the gracious and benevolent parents of the budding craftspeople donated to the cause- sometimes yarn stashes and needles, sometimes cash.  can you guess which we enjoyed more? 

we got a lot of yarn that the students couldn't use, like homespun.  it's hard to see what you're doing with this yarn, and even harder to figure out what the very frustrated and upset 8 year old did, and try to help them avoid doing it in the future.  So, some of my child-friendly yarn left my personal stash, traded for about a metric ton of homespun. 

i had already donated a bunch of it, but had a lot left over (remember: metric ton), so i thought i'd use it up and make a floor blanket for a baby. 

floor blanket- a soft, squishy blanket used to protect baby's head from historic wood flooring.  must be machine washable. 

i had all the squares last summer, but the thought of joining and weaving in ends (ugh) kept me away from this project for quite a while.  anyone share my pain with finishing?  i just don't love it nearly as much as i love envisioning the finshed product in my head.  anyway, i'm super psyched to be done with this, and uber-motivated to tackle the next project, which may or may not involve the sewing machine, on loan from supa

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  1. I definitely hate finishing. I have two unfinished scarves and something that aspires to be a potholder in my yarn basket. I’ve never gotten far enough to have to worry about the ends.

  2. I’m sure bagillion’s a word. 🙂

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