chuggin’ along…

Well, the sewing isn't going so well.  i need my own machine that i know inside and out- hopefully this summer, i can take the plunge and get myself a new one.  i've decided for my next finish what you have project to make an apron out of one of my nana's housecoats from the 50's:


I've always loved the polka dots and the lace, but it's a size 26 (i'm about a 16), and all past attempts to alter it into a suitable dress have resulted in reciting things i wouldn't want nana to hear me saying.  so, an apron it shall become.  i've ripped out the seams now, and done some measuring and pinning, and as soon as supa gives me the low-down on what i'm doing wrong with the machine, i'll be on the road.   

In other news, i am LEAVING THE CHILDREN tonight (!) to go see my husband play at this.  I am excited about the opener, too- should be a fun night.  any night out is a fun night, who am i kidding. 

i'm getting a babysitter, fyi, i'm not just leaving them.  heh.

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  1. I love the idea of an apron!

    Have fun tonight. Just remember to tell the children to go to bed at a reasonable hour and I’m sure they’ll be fine.

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