6 years

well, it's happened again.  another year has passed since hubberson and i got hitched.  we celebrated this year by attending the wedding of friend stacy from high school (i'll now have no excuse to forget her anniversary).  it was fun to be home again, and to see all of her family, and to be included in the ceremony.  it comes in so handy to be "the wedding singer", as she continually referred to me during introductions.  it's such a great thing to be not only invited to, but to participate in, the wedding of someone you wouldn't likely have been invited to, were it not for your ability to make the father of the bride cry with "one hand, one heart".  good times, good TIMES. 

After the wedding and reception, my mom and sister kept the kiddos so that we could have a few hours to ourselves to do something fun.  BY OURSELVES!  we first had trouble deciding what to do with such a rare and precious gift, but eventually we set off to explore downtown frederick.  We did some fake-antiquing, pretending to be wealthy people who actually could BUY something antique, then took some refreshment at the cafe anglais, a british tea house, DAH-ling.  my mom suggested we sit in the garden, which was such a good idea- the guy who owns this place must have a whole hand of green thumbs- the plants are lush and varied, and everywhere you look there's a whimsical fairie or a planter made out of a cup and saucer- it's such a loved place- this man just looooves this garden, and it makes it so much more enjoyable to eat a shortbread finger and sip a tall glass of orange barley water.  SUPERB.  if you live within 20 mintues, GO THERE. 

Then, on to more shops, including the new-age-y book store, the amazing-but-over-priced vintage clothing store, and the new construction along Carroll Creek, which could have been really romantic and lovely, were it not for the chain link fences keeping us out.  onward we went to find some dinner.  we got that and then some at the fantabulous isabella's.  again, if you haven't been there, run, don't walk.  super-extra yum.  tapas, great atmosphere, reasonable prices.  beleive the hype, and boogie on down.  order the asparagus fries, and call me to thank me later. 

 i think hubberson summed it up perfectly as we got back into the car when he said, "6 years of bliss."  <snort>  but seriously, folks, i love this guy, especially when he's had a bit lot of sangria (and champagne, ahem).  and he loves me, so that's about all that matters, at least for this post. 

This week is color week, so check back daily for some fun color photos.  hopefully i can get my camera to cooperate…

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