whiplash- amigurumi bunny

i've entered a photo of the amigurumi bunny i crocheted for my neighbor's new bebe into this month's whiplash competition, which until the end of June is more of a share-fest than a competition.  i love that difference, as i've been terrified to enter anything before, because my things don't seem quite as amazing as what i see on a daily basis from the other crafty folk there.  head over and check out all the rockin crafty people and their work.  


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  1. This is fabulous!

  2. Hey…I couldn’t find your email addy, but wanted to thank you for coming over to Funky Finds! I do primarily traditional scrapbooking. The layout I used for Whiplash uses some digital elements on the photo, as well as the journaling. Funny thing…my friend Shauna & I attended a scrapbook convention this weekend. We noticed there were a lot of digi booths this year since it’s the next big thing! I doubt I ever go all digital just b/c I’m a graphic designer & on the computer all day every day. I like to come home & do traditional scrapping & get my hands dirty. I can see the pros & cons to it, and to each her own. But I do love to horde all the free digi elements I can download off the internet! LOL Not sure what I’ll ever do w/them, but it’s a collection of sorts. 🙂
    I love your amigurumi. I’ve been dying to learn how to make little adorable creatures since spying some on Flickr a little while ago. I just have no clue how to crochet, so the patterns make zero sense to me!

  3. Found you thru whiplash. What a cute little bunny! I’ve wanted to try some amigurimi, but I loathe single crochet. I guess that’s more for you, eh?

  4. This is adorable!

  5. Jolimama Says:

    I need help! I should see pictures about making of an amgurumi, because i cant read the english texts very well. Thank you!

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