::White Monday::

following along with little birds, today is white monday in color week.  i thought it would be the perfect excuse to wax poetic about my piano.  i spend a lot of time here, practicing and creating.  we rescued the instrument from some friends who were abusing it in their warehouse apartment.  it's perfect for us, the cigarette burns and beer glass stains mix perfectly with the flung cereal and fingerprints with which we now abuse it.  i leave it open always to encourage the children to play as they go by, which they do, with some talent, i might add (no bias there, eh?).  in my house growing up, the piano was a much anticipated and longed for object for my mother, and thus was somewhat set apart.  not off-limits, especially for my sister, who was the most talented of my siblings, but not really accessible, either.  i love that i don't have to put ours up on a pedestal. 

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  1. I have always liked cotton my self.

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