::Black and Grey Wednesday::

today's post is in memory of my brother in law and in heart, Alex Sukop, who passed away at 19.  in his short life, he managed to do everything he had set out to do in life, which is more than i can say for the elderly people in my life who have died.  alex was an amazing artist, and i think of him each day when i see his artwork on nearly every wall of my home. 

this is a print he made, and i think (although i'm not positive, sylvia, do you know?) it was originally a photo he took of an architectual detail in europe, perhaps budapest.  he then (again, i think) made a master of some sort, and printed a few versions of this for a school project.  I thought it was a woodcut, but it may be linoleum or something different.  I love everything about this piece, and i hope you enjoy it as well.  i just noticed my reflection in it- also kind of cool…

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  1. What a wonderful photograph of something so special to you. I love the reflection too. It adds a lot of interest.

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