::Blue Thursday::

today i bring you a collection of favorite things from my kitchen.  if i had my way, everything in my house would be made of blue glass, such is my abiding love for all things blue glass.  ok, maybe not the sofa, but almost everything else. 

I really want a blue glass shower enclosure someday.  hopefully the shower enclosure fairy is reading my blog today. 

 the bottle is from my nana, who apparently has lots more coveted blue glass stashed away somewhere in her apartment.  the triangular vase was a wedding present from someone i really love so very much, even though i can’t exactly remember who they are.  exactly.  but i have a pretty good idea.  so thanks, , i really dig that vase.  the tray was my mother-in-law’s, and the little pottery garlic house i bought myself at a craft fair years ago. 

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  1. The blue shadow is stunning! I love it.

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