father’s day and other delights…

father's day goodies around these parts included some farmer's market cherries and flowers, and a nice big card painted by sage with a little help from mama and zander.  he liked its bigness (yes, i realize it's not a real word).  i liked the ease with which it was made- masking tape and watercolors, voila!  big giant papa's day card. 


on the inside, she dictated to me the following- "My favorite thing about Papa is playing the drums with him.  We make a lot of music when we do it.  Buddy likes to play the drum with Mama, and he tries to play the bottom.  That is so silly!"

and finally, a cherry-covered face to close out the post right! 

3 Responses to “father’s day and other delights…”

  1. awww! so happy.

  2. Looks like you had a great time. Simple gifts made by the kids are always the best.

  3. Such a sweet face! You take some beautiful photos!!

  4. It sounds like a lovely father’s day. I love the card – I think I may borrow that idea one day.

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