sew, woman, sew!

guess what?? my mom has a bunch of sewing machines! sitting around! collecting dust! and, as long as one of them has a manual, i should have some sewing projects posted next week.

in the meantime, i've become somewhat addicted to embroidery. i made these pillowcases for some friends getting married this weekend:

i really wanted to do some awesome song lyrics, inspired by debbie from 60 bugs, but i didn't think i should mess with the sublime pattern my first time.  go visit debbie and buy some from her- they're really hella cool.  hella, i say. 

then i continued on my spree and made a pretty little picture of flowers for a friend's baby, who is turning one.  they're moving, so i thought a little something to frame for her new room would be nice.  i drew this design on the canvas, but i sort of looked at jenny hart's flowers for help.  I like the way it turned out- sorry for the yucky picture, the camera batteries were dying, as usual. 


in other news, here's wishing you a very happy belated WEST VIRGINIA DAY!  what, you didn't bake a cake?  yeah, me neither.  we bought a car (and by we, i mean erich) in west virginia and couldn't get the title faxed to the bank, because, you guessed it, the dmv was closed in honor of WEST VIRGINIA DAY. 

 but, never fear, we made the 6 hour (each way) drive with the two kids under 4 the next day.  i could lay out the highlights of that trip for you, if there were any. 

 WEST VIRGINIA DAY!  lemme hear you shout it!  maybe i could embroider something with that… <runs to hoop>


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  1. You are so talented!

  2. All your embroidery is great! I have been on a kick as well! Thanks for the 60 Bugs inspiration. I have been getting inspired by WeeWonderful’s embroidered dolls.

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