i felt it

the wedding was good, the pillowcase gift was well appreciated by the groom, and i think by the bride, although it’s a bit hard to tell with her at times.  i’m going to assume she was genuinely gushing and that she’ll actually use them.  doesn’t it drive you nutzo to know something you made for someone to use is sitting, totally neglected, on the top shelf of the dark, dank linen closet?  it’s enough to make me weep. 

whiplash this month is a bag.  ha!, thought i, smug in my uber-craftiness.  that was before i drew up a pattern wrong, cut it like a drunken sailor (yaaarrrg!), and used el-cheap-o felt.  for a bag.  hi, i’m dumbdumb p. mcscrewitup, the artist formerly known as her smugness, have we met? 

back the drawing board.  or, more accurately, TO the drawing board before completing the crappy finished product. 

in happier news, i go to pick up my inherited sewing machine tomorrow!  hoo-ah!  it’s a singer from the 80’s which i’m sure will easily blow my mind after the mid-20’s model i used to have, before it passed on to the big sewing room in the sky…  <moment of silence>

i intend to learn how to quilt this fall, when business picks up and we’re swimming in moolah.  <cough>  UN-less i can convince someone i know who quilts to teach me.  maybe we can barter some babysitting?  or toys?  claymation scripts?

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  1. See, I’m this terrible person. My MIL makes me stuff all the time and I wish she would stop b/c after 6.5 years of knowing me she has yet to catch on that I don’t like denim handbags or country lap quilts. I like handbags and quilts just not HER handbags and quilts. It kills me to accept this stuff but how od you say “look old lady we are NOT the same!” in a very gracious way?

  2. good point, c-ta, i should clarify. if something is totally not your taste, country chickens and what-have-you, it deserves to be banished. i have those things banished (or gone) in my house, for SURE. but, if it’s super cool pillowcases, use them. that’s all i mean. i have to say, too, that if someone makes something that’s not my style, i tell them. gently, but i tell them, to avoid getting a similar hated handmade item each and every holiday for the rest of your life. it’s hard though, especially when it’s your MIL.

  3. ah, i know the feeling of having your hard-created creation languishing on some shelf (I’ve made stuff for my sisters, only to find it later, covered in magic marker and stuffed in the corner of a closet. ach.)

    I will totally teach you quilting. Blind leading the blind! Ah, but seriously. And in about a week and a half, when my boys are gone, we’ll co-craft, how ’bout that?

  4. I love the pillowcases, wish I’d invited you to my wedding 15 years ago. I love making things for other crafty friends because they love everything I give them. I have lots of kitschy crocheted items that my grandmother made me, a set of girl & boy snowmen, little pillows in Christmas colors, Santa ornaments made of felt and sequins. At the time I thought they were much too country for my high brow style, they’re now some of my most prized possessions.

  5. Big Sissy Says:

    I have wanted to quilt for yeeeaarrss! I finally started cutting some squares (with the fancy roller blade!) and where do they sit…in a container waiting for some TLC. I want to join the quilt-fest!!!!

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