her name is maebelle.  she is my new favorite household item.  i downloaded the manual, threaded her up, and we were on our way.  it’s been pure bliss ever since.  the first masterpiece maebelle and i created was this blue felt (remember that-here’s an appropriate use) heart shaped, somewhat wonky pincushion.  i realized upon completing the cushion how desparately i need new pins.  this of course, means a trip to the sewing store.  i’ll need to find a chaperone to keep me in line.  or i could just take the children with me- they’re perfect for ensuring mama doesn’t spend too long browsing.  it’s that handy dandy middle-of-the-store breakdown screamfest, keeps me in check. 

onward we moved to the unfinished project, a sorely needed apron from nana’s housecoat.  I basically just chopped it up and made a neck tie and two back ties.  I altered the seams on the sides and added the little lace towel loop for my favorite orange towel i inherited from erich’s mom.  Here’s the finished product:

uh, please ignore the trash can figuring prominently in this photo.  and the dirty floor.  i’ve been sewing, something had to suffer!  now i’ll clean it, since i have my smashing apron to protect my ever-so-fancy khaki pants. 

3 Responses to “maebelle”

  1. Ah, congratulations on the new machine. And two things completed! Doesn’t that feel good?

  2. soooooooooo oooooo o good.

  3. Big Sissy Says:

    I’m sooooo envious! Maybe my little sis will be my inspiration to turn of the boob toob and sew, sew, sew…even with some mistakes–a couple wrongs are better than no rights!

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