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Posted in crafting, life in general, musings on July 31, 2006 by askthesky

i’ve been making some things, and so has my hubberson, which is why i haven’t been blogging as much as i’d like to- lemme ‘splain.  no, even better, lemme sum up:


we had a problem here in the little row house.  we have a very strange and half-assed (sorry, there’s really no other way to describe it, truly) middle bedroom/closet.  at some point, some past owner decided to collect everyone in the neighborhood’s cast off wood scraps and make himself a dressing room.  or herself, i don’t really know.  anyway, it’s so bad, i could write a small volume of poetry dedicated to its crappiness.  but, i won’t do that here, don’t worry! 

the “room” is very small, and it lacks such standard bedroom features as a window or a radiator.  both kids were in the back bedroom.  this sounds like a good idea, until you try to put both urchins down for a nap.  suddenly, not so good.  so, we needed a big boy bed.  since we couldn’t find anything that would fit AND that was completely free, hubberson decided to make one.  it is perfection in a bed, people.  it has a drawer underneath for storage (or, as z-man would tell you, for sitting in and playing the snare drum with a hockey stick), and it uses the crib mattress, so it’s the perfect size. 

the only small problem with this new arrangement is that the child won’t nap.  he just gets out of his bed, comes out in the hall, and looks at me as if to say, “come ON, mama.  there is no way in sesame street i am ever napping AGAIN.”  so, there’s 2 hours of solid daily productivity out the window. 

i’m also gearing up for my business’ national conference, which i shall never blog about, lest i break the rules of stated business, er… right.  leaving for the conference soon, and wanted to make some FLAIR for my team to wear on their little conference-y lanyard thingys, you know, so everyone can see they’re on the dorkiest team in the USA.  or perhaps even the UNIVERSE.  i settled on beaded black eyed susans, the maryland state flower.  they’re cheesy, on safety pins, as that’s what i had, but cute i think.  there’s a butterfly, too, just because you can’t have one without the other.  

head over to my sister cindy’s cute new site for some adorable personalized baby gifts, if you need some- these little numbers are the only way i can remember zander’s vital birth stats.  it was an emergency c-section, they gave me morphine.  i was totally out of it. 

it is finished.

Posted in musings on July 24, 2006 by askthesky

the pillow for supa is complete.  BWAH HAH HAAH HAAH!  it’s a little bit evil, a little bit grandma.  i learned quite a bit from this project, including how to use the embroidery stitches on my sewing machine.  question for the crafty people among you- how do i secure the stitch when i start and end without making it look super crappy?  as you can see, i didn’t really know how to achieve that.  heh. 

also, don’t just use aida cloth for your applique when you know very well (young lady) that it isn’t a good idea.  just wait for the wool felt you ordered to be delivered and have some patience!  tsk tsk. 

one more!  using fabric that has lines on it when you are the laziest sewer in the universe is a very, very good thing.  martha would approve. 

enjoy it supa!  if you’d like a similar one, email me with your favorite quote or musing (off-color or not, whatever floats your boat) and general color preferences.  i can put them in my etsy shop just for you, which makes it easy to pay with paypal.  also look for some new baby items in the shop soon (mama c-ta, i promise to have something to you this week!). 

sea green, see blue

Posted in crafting, musings on July 20, 2006 by askthesky

i’ve been listening to a lot of jaymay’s music, ever since i saw her perform in the show with hubberson a while back.  i’m so captivated by the song sea green, sea blue, that it seems to be bleeding into all other parts of my life.  i’m gravitating towards these colors in everything i’ve been making.  it’s hard to pick out a red or a black when there’s an amazing crystal blue or a sparkly green nearby calling my name.  the song specifically inspried this set, just added to the shop

this one is a much finer hemp cording, and it’s so lightweight, great for warm weather.  i love the wire wrapping on the earrings, too- i’m going to be doing some more with that soon. 

i’ve been working on my bio for another project i’ll be starting soon, top secret for now, but soon to be in the public domain.  i’m super excited about it, more to come! 

Victoria Drop

Posted in musings on July 17, 2006 by askthesky

i’ve been working on some new necklace designs, as i got some proper crochet thread and don’t have to use embroidery floss any longer.  i’ve named this one ‘victoria drop’, and it’s listed in my etsy shop if you’re interested in purchasing it.  i’m pretty happy with the way it came out. 

i added a ribbon to the top of this instead of another kind of closure to make it more adjustable. 

also, a question.  i have recently been stumbling across this link, which is now officially haunting me.  does anyone know anything about this?  what could they possibly teach you?  i’m so intrigued, and so very wary at the same time. 

also, a review.  i just got the first copy of adorn magazine, and i want to make nearly everything i saw.  i loved the projects- everything is relatively inexpensive, and there are projects for many different types of crafting.  something for everyone.  the only thing i’m not a great big fan of is the way they address us as the audience of “crafty girls”.  i mean, i guess we’re all girls still, and always will be (?), but why exclude men?  or, crafty boys?  i was surprised, too, because these types of things don’t usually bother me.  anyway, go get it- it’s well worth the cover price, and i hope to get a subscription from the magazine subscription fairy. 

neither here nor there

Posted in musings on July 13, 2006 by askthesky

wow, have i had a crazy week.  it’s as though our happy day-to-day was shoved into a mayonnaise jar and shaken.  hard. 

hubberson had (and still has) wicked poison oak over many parts of his body, namely the diaper washing and general childcare parts.  so, it’s been a bit rough for me to be supercraftywoman while having to take on all household duties and additional keep-the-banshees-quiet-while-papa-rests duties.  i’m not so fond of the latter ones.  but, my saintly nanny came today and i got to take a long long cold shower.  hit the spot. 

sage has been in a strange mood.  she’s adamantly against the idea of using the potty, wearing big girl underpants, and even going to school, which up until this point had been the one thing that motivated her to stop wearing the diapers.  moms?  advice?  pleeeease?  i’ve tried all the obvious things- stickers as rewards, bribing with promises of school, quiet and calm encouragement.  i think she is just going to do it whenever the hell she wants to, and there’s not a lot i can do about it.  if that’s it, i’m okay with it, really. 


she’s been very busy in her new career as a space explorer. 

mean green makin’ machine

Posted in musings on July 7, 2006 by askthesky

let me begin with an apology for the poor quality of photography in this post.  i need another lens to capture the close-ups i’m after, but alas, i can’t work that into the budget just yet.  again, this holiday season, when things pick up in my biz, i will be giving myself some presents from here, here, and oh dear lord, HERE.  and maybe here, if i’m a really good girl. 

here are my first attempts at wire crochet- 28 gauge black wire, a size E hook, and mixed green czech glass seed beads.  i’m thinking i might go with a more simple design of chain stitches, but multiple strands.  it would be a cleaner look, i think.  thoughts? 


Posted in life in general, musings on July 6, 2006 by askthesky

erich and i are pretty creative people.  we enjoy spending time indulging in creative exploits, like writing music, working on craft projects, cooking, designing and building things.  it’s been hard to keep up with the pace of the creative mind when things like day jobs and bills get in the way. 

both of us grew up somewhat off the beaten path (him more than me, for sure).  living in the city has recently lost some of its luster.  it’s so fun when you’re young and childless, but since our family has grown, the urge to have space to run and get dirty, to dig and find new creatures, too see the stars at night, hear the crickets, and mostly to pull your produce off the vine rather than out of the bin in the grocery store has become so strong.  it’s also hard not to have family close enough to drop in and help out with the kids once in a while. 

so, what’s a forward-thinking couple of dreamers to do?  we are lucky to have a couple of close friends whom we’ve known for many years who have similar aspirations.  so, we’ve been planning to live with them on a piece of land big enough to not have neighbors, grow some food, and have the life we’ve been striving for with built-in help and support.  we went to visit them over the holiday, and had such a wonderful and relaxing time as always.  our kids run and fall in the grass, they swing and stare into the treetops, they talk to the cows as they chew, they eat outside and they play with rocks.  all the things kids should be able to do. 

k&l, the like-minded friends, are selling their home and setting sail soon on the boat they’ve been painstakingly restoring for quite a long while.  they plan to go down to warmer waters for the winter, then come back up the new england coast.  they might be gone for a year, maybe two, depending on how many grey beards they encounter.  when they return, we’ll have our land and start the homestead. 

i hope they’re back soon. 

i need somebody

Posted in crafting on July 2, 2006 by askthesky

help! i’m trying to generate some extra income in my etsy shop, and i’ve been working on some prototypes.  will you be my focus group? 

i read an excellent tutorial on the online magazine crochet me, and found myself super inspired to make some neck-laces.  i love crocheting, mostly because i’m pretty fast, so things go bouncing along, and then i’m enjoying the product rather than endlessly creating and eventually getting impatient and giving up. 

i had never tried beaded crochet, and i found it to be very accessible and easy to get the hang of- you certainly lose some of your rhythm, but it seems to be worth it for a small project like this.  i don’t think i’ll be making any beaded crochet bags any time soon, but i think these necklaces are the ideal size for this technique. 

the first example is the necklace i made for my three year old, sage.  she chose the beads on this after i had chosen the floss (embroidery floss, as i have no crochet cotton in the house at the moment).  she has a wonderful sense for color, i think. 

this one is very small and simple, since i knew she would be twisting and turning it, tugging, etc.  it looks so cute on her- i’ll attempt to get a photo of that later, when she’s awake. 

this one is of hemp, with rainbow-colored glass beads and silver tone rounds.  it’s a little stiff, but again, i thought i’d use what i had for the prototypes. 

this one, which i’ve called emma, is embroidery floss in 2 colors, rainbow glass beads, and a sterling silver lobster clasp.  i wore this last night and got a few compliments- it, too, looks better on:

so, my dears, would you wear a design like any of these?  would you prefer something simple, or more ornate?  what would you think would be a fair price for a handmade piece like this? 

please comment with your thoughts, and thanks in advance.  now, back to your hot dogs and fireworks.  have a beer for me!