i need somebody

help! i’m trying to generate some extra income in my etsy shop, and i’ve been working on some prototypes.  will you be my focus group? 

i read an excellent tutorial on the online magazine crochet me, and found myself super inspired to make some neck-laces.  i love crocheting, mostly because i’m pretty fast, so things go bouncing along, and then i’m enjoying the product rather than endlessly creating and eventually getting impatient and giving up. 

i had never tried beaded crochet, and i found it to be very accessible and easy to get the hang of- you certainly lose some of your rhythm, but it seems to be worth it for a small project like this.  i don’t think i’ll be making any beaded crochet bags any time soon, but i think these necklaces are the ideal size for this technique. 

the first example is the necklace i made for my three year old, sage.  she chose the beads on this after i had chosen the floss (embroidery floss, as i have no crochet cotton in the house at the moment).  she has a wonderful sense for color, i think. 

this one is very small and simple, since i knew she would be twisting and turning it, tugging, etc.  it looks so cute on her- i’ll attempt to get a photo of that later, when she’s awake. 

this one is of hemp, with rainbow-colored glass beads and silver tone rounds.  it’s a little stiff, but again, i thought i’d use what i had for the prototypes. 

this one, which i’ve called emma, is embroidery floss in 2 colors, rainbow glass beads, and a sterling silver lobster clasp.  i wore this last night and got a few compliments- it, too, looks better on:

so, my dears, would you wear a design like any of these?  would you prefer something simple, or more ornate?  what would you think would be a fair price for a handmade piece like this? 

please comment with your thoughts, and thanks in advance.  now, back to your hot dogs and fireworks.  have a beer for me!

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  1. Gorrrgeous! Personally I think the beads would ‘pop’ more with either wire or a neutral floss. I really like the third necklace, especially modelled.

  2. Thanks so much! I actually tried my first wire crochet this evening- I’ll try and post the photo tomorrow.

  3. Big Sissy Says:

    Very cute–I was just thinking about jewelry making for an extra income also! (Made some polymer clay earrings/necklace) Love the props for ‘Emma’!

  4. these are awesome!! thanks for the shout-out :), and the results are fantastic! congrats, keep it up!

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