erich and i are pretty creative people.  we enjoy spending time indulging in creative exploits, like writing music, working on craft projects, cooking, designing and building things.  it’s been hard to keep up with the pace of the creative mind when things like day jobs and bills get in the way. 

both of us grew up somewhat off the beaten path (him more than me, for sure).  living in the city has recently lost some of its luster.  it’s so fun when you’re young and childless, but since our family has grown, the urge to have space to run and get dirty, to dig and find new creatures, too see the stars at night, hear the crickets, and mostly to pull your produce off the vine rather than out of the bin in the grocery store has become so strong.  it’s also hard not to have family close enough to drop in and help out with the kids once in a while. 

so, what’s a forward-thinking couple of dreamers to do?  we are lucky to have a couple of close friends whom we’ve known for many years who have similar aspirations.  so, we’ve been planning to live with them on a piece of land big enough to not have neighbors, grow some food, and have the life we’ve been striving for with built-in help and support.  we went to visit them over the holiday, and had such a wonderful and relaxing time as always.  our kids run and fall in the grass, they swing and stare into the treetops, they talk to the cows as they chew, they eat outside and they play with rocks.  all the things kids should be able to do. 

k&l, the like-minded friends, are selling their home and setting sail soon on the boat they’ve been painstakingly restoring for quite a long while.  they plan to go down to warmer waters for the winter, then come back up the new england coast.  they might be gone for a year, maybe two, depending on how many grey beards they encounter.  when they return, we’ll have our land and start the homestead. 

i hope they’re back soon. 

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  1. What a great post. Greg and I spent our early years in San Francisco, moved to Oakland so we could have a yard when the kids were born and then fled the city for New Mexico before they started school, all for the same reasons you describe. We made another move to Bainbridge and hopefully this is our last one. We have woods and grass and sheep across the street. The city is just an hour away if we need an urban fix. Just keep moving toward your goal and it will happen.

  2. Even as I read this, part of me hurts because that dream still is urging to be lived. I went to an incrdible town yesterday called Port Townsend. I think you would really love it there. I can feel it tugging at my soul when I travel there. I feel so at home. It is much further away from the city and there is more of an income diversity. We are actually quite poor compared to many people here. In fact when I came home and started by blog post, my writing really flowed. It was like a flame was rekindled in P.T. I think this is an amazing dream and goal for you to set. I will have to live it through your words and photos on your blog. Unless of course I make my millions on all the books I am planning to write and can afford my large plot of land away from the city.

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