mean green makin’ machine

let me begin with an apology for the poor quality of photography in this post.  i need another lens to capture the close-ups i’m after, but alas, i can’t work that into the budget just yet.  again, this holiday season, when things pick up in my biz, i will be giving myself some presents from here, here, and oh dear lord, HERE.  and maybe here, if i’m a really good girl. 

here are my first attempts at wire crochet- 28 gauge black wire, a size E hook, and mixed green czech glass seed beads.  i’m thinking i might go with a more simple design of chain stitches, but multiple strands.  it would be a cleaner look, i think.  thoughts? 

2 Responses to “mean green makin’ machine”

  1. so pretty!

  2. it really is!

    Reprodepot had a booth at the Renegade Craft Fair. I am kicking my own ass for not picking anything up.

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