neither here nor there

wow, have i had a crazy week.  it’s as though our happy day-to-day was shoved into a mayonnaise jar and shaken.  hard. 

hubberson had (and still has) wicked poison oak over many parts of his body, namely the diaper washing and general childcare parts.  so, it’s been a bit rough for me to be supercraftywoman while having to take on all household duties and additional keep-the-banshees-quiet-while-papa-rests duties.  i’m not so fond of the latter ones.  but, my saintly nanny came today and i got to take a long long cold shower.  hit the spot. 

sage has been in a strange mood.  she’s adamantly against the idea of using the potty, wearing big girl underpants, and even going to school, which up until this point had been the one thing that motivated her to stop wearing the diapers.  moms?  advice?  pleeeease?  i’ve tried all the obvious things- stickers as rewards, bribing with promises of school, quiet and calm encouragement.  i think she is just going to do it whenever the hell she wants to, and there’s not a lot i can do about it.  if that’s it, i’m okay with it, really. 


she’s been very busy in her new career as a space explorer. 

2 Responses to “neither here nor there”

  1. I had one who potty trained very late (4) and never once wet her pants or her bed after she decided it was time. Now that she’s 11 it all seems so silly but I remember being really stressed about it at the time. My best tricks seemed to have been the Bear in the Big Blue House potty training video (have no idea if this is still around) and letting her run around during the summer with nothing on the bottoms. Good luck.

  2. Big Sissy Says:

    Although I was blessed with easy potty learners…it’s definitely a control issue for her. It’s the ONE thing that you can’t tell her what to do. Maybe finding some other small things that she can have control over as a ‘Big Girl’–she may see that the potty thing is no biggy and more fun. Always be consistent b/w mom/dad and find her other trigger for fun. Use that trigger for additional motivation. Good Luck!

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