sea green, see blue

i’ve been listening to a lot of jaymay’s music, ever since i saw her perform in the show with hubberson a while back.  i’m so captivated by the song sea green, sea blue, that it seems to be bleeding into all other parts of my life.  i’m gravitating towards these colors in everything i’ve been making.  it’s hard to pick out a red or a black when there’s an amazing crystal blue or a sparkly green nearby calling my name.  the song specifically inspried this set, just added to the shop

this one is a much finer hemp cording, and it’s so lightweight, great for warm weather.  i love the wire wrapping on the earrings, too- i’m going to be doing some more with that soon. 

i’ve been working on my bio for another project i’ll be starting soon, top secret for now, but soon to be in the public domain.  i’m super excited about it, more to come! 


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