WHIPLASH::Stellar Tank


for this month’s refashioning theme, i’ve entered the stellar tank:


it was that one black tank top that you always wear, that’s soo comfy and fits perfectly.  inevitably, that is the shirt that your baby spits up on, the one you splash oil on while cooking, the one your hubbers grabs first as a rag for his spilled fabric-eating chemical (mine didn’t do that, though, thank you GOD).  you can’t really see the stains in the photo above, but take my word for it, they were there, taunting me when i went out in the sun from their rental property on my favorite summer shirt (and, the heat index today here in baltimore is 106 or something equally insane, so i really needed this tank back).  i wanted to get rid of those little annoying and randomly scattered stains, but nothing seemed right.  i originally wanted to just embroider over them, but this is a jersey knot top, and ribbed on top of that, not a candidate for embroidery. 

then, i got the new boden kids catalog.  it’s chock-full of appliqued shirts for girls and boys.  THEN, i read stephanie’s post showcasing these beauties (thanks for the tips, stephanie!).  it was decided that i should applique over the stains.  so, i spent the next week cutting and sketching and banging my head against the wall repeatedly, when finally it came to me- i could cut some smallish shapes that could be spread over the whole top, stitch-witchery their backs (that’s right, it’s now a verb), then machine stitch around the edges to keep them stable for washing.  I didn’t have any heatable interfacing in my sewing box, and as we’re on a pretty tight budget here, i had to use what i had.  but, it worked great!  i haven’t washed it yet, but i’m hoping the edges will fray to the sew line- i think it would be cute that way. 


the comet was an afterthought- i found another stain after i had finished the moon and stars, and had that silvery rick rack out…comet tail?  i went with it.  the applique fabric came from a sweet little dress that my daughter had grown out of- i rescued it from the goodwill pile a few days ago, thankfully.  it’s a purple and yellow floral.  so, i think this should be entered in the embellishment category, but it has its roots in another garment, so it’s sort of a deconstruct/reconstruct, too. 

i used a black thread on top, and a white thread in the bobbin, to give the stitching kind of a salt-and-pepper kind of look.  i feel like i’m still trying to figure out my machine, getting through the break-in period, but all in all, i’m pleased with how this came out- i’m definitely going to get a lot more use out of it now!  hmmm… what happens when i stain the applique? 

3 Responses to “WHIPLASH::Stellar Tank”

  1. Oh, fun!
    This is exactly the kind of project I needed to read about because I am the worst dribbler on all my clothes.
    I love the rickrack comet tails! sparkly!

  2. defently more personal and fun after!

  3. You inspired me to look through my “spotty” clothes – what a good idea! I actually just bought my first ever roll of stich-witchery. I can’t wait to try it out.

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