i don’t often post about food, although (most days) i love to cook.  but, i had to make an exception today to tell you about the meal i made last night:

dear god, people, MAKE THIS LASAGNA.  you can find the recipe here, and while you’re there, buy an affordable subscription to my favorite magazines: Light N’ Tasty and Simple and Delicious.  they have easy, homestyle recipes submitted by real people all over the country (and canada?), silly names, and, best of all, NO ADVERTISING!  i have very little patience for ads ever since we got rid of our television- especially tv ads, which are so loud and fast-paced, they leave me feeling jittery and unsettled, but even print ads annoy me. 

back to the dish- it’s so good, and i’m a discerning part-sicilian, so i know a good lasagna when i bite into one.  and man, did i ever bite into this one… i added more garlic (6 cloves), a little more spinach, and a bit more cottage cheese than was called for in the instructions.  let me know how yours comes out! 

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