paper boxes

paper boxes were big in my family growing up.  my nana taught me how to make them (while she watched her “stories”) when I was still in elementary school, out of old Christmas cards.  we’d center the most beautiful part of the design on the top of the box, then use the back of the card for the bottom.  i used to love putting things in them to give to my friends, and just having them in little stacks in my bedroom.  my mom and nana and I even folded a bunch of these for favors at my wedding!  they’re also great to make for giving everyday little treats for your little ones- erasers, stickers, barrettes, anything that will fit in a small package.  and, we all know the best things come in small packages, right? 

click on the tutorial link in the header, and let me know what you think!

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  1. big sissy Says:

    Good job! JT was very interested in the whole thing…he wondered if I was taught too…nope.
    I think I will have to try this with them, mabye at the beach during some down time, hmmmm.
    How big a box have you made this way?

  2. Well, I guess you were an adult and at your job when she taught me these. You know, the thing with Nana is, you have to ask to be taught- she didn’t ever assume you were interested in what she was making. But, now you have this tutorial!

    The boxes are usually an inch to 3 inches wide, but the ones we made for my wedding were about 4 inches, as I recall.

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