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I am back from my weekend of fun and craziness with my team members, who by the way, loved their conference lanyard-y type flair.  I feel almost re-adjusted to normal life, although I started sitting my neighbor’s 5 month old this week, which has thrown me for a teeny bit of a loop. 

I am compelled to write today about a cause that’s very important to the company I am fortunate to work with (can’t name the company, lest they become angry and take away my position, but if you’ve gotten email from me, you know who I’m talking about), and thus to me as well.  Domestic violence affects so many people in this country- women and men, but most importantly, children.  Feeling responsibility for these young lives is something those of us living peaceful lives in the home should take very seriously.  While I can’t write about what my company is doing to help these young minds and hearts break the cycle of violence they are raised in, I am able to point those of us with crafty tendencies to a new charitable venture called Project Snuggle.  You may have seen this on Whip-Up. 

Basically, knit/crochet/sew/concoct a teddy bear, and send it to the organizer, fluttercrafts, in Phoenix.  She’s connected with local police who will take a bear when they visit a home to investigate a domestic violence call.  Go to the site and read the post- she’s even got some patterns if you need- and then get out your tools and start some bears! 

I’m going to work on the pattern I used to make baptism bear:

This was my special snuggly present for Sage when she was baptized- my mom said she needed something white to match her getup.  Three years later, he’s still kickin’, although he’s showing the love he’s received, and he’s not really what you’d call white anymore.  He’s been washed many, many, oh so many times.  The pattern is from Knitting For Babies, Melanie Falick/ Kristin Nicholas.  It’s easy and quick, and the resulting bear is super adorable.  I can’t wait to try out my raw wool stuffing! 

To learn more about Domestic Violence and how you can help, email me (hvonmarko AT gmail DOT com), or visit:

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  1. You make some really beautiful things. The jewellry is fabulous. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Thank you so so much for the plug about the project , the kids and I really appreciate it. Your bear is fabulous.

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