fabric, and cake

i’ve been busy, but i haven’t really made much.  things have been pretty different, since neighbor baby came and Zander stopped napping. i’m still trying to figure out what i’ve done to deserve those two things happening in one week, and how i can make up for it, karmically.  yeah, it’s a word now.  i just decided. 

i did somehow manage to finish this zebra ball for a little man turning one today:

it’s a short rows ball, made in really nice 100% wool from austrailia.  i didn’t have time to felt it, but i think it’s tight enough to keep the stuffing in- which, by the way, is the raw wool stuffing.  first time i’ve used it, and it is far better than the poly junk.  it was so nice to stick my hand in it to pull out a big hunk.  i hope the little man loves it. 

i also went on a fun adventure with supafine to this huge fabric warehouse that was having a LIQUIDATION SALE.  we were intrigued, and made plans to be there sans children asap.  it was disappointing.  i came home with a few yards of each of these calicos:

some notions, an iron on tranfer pencil, and some thread, and a receipt that somehow read close to $95!  it was one of those moments when you summon every fiber of your being to keep from screaming “i’m sorry, WHAT??!?” at the cashier, who in this particular case was a very stern russian man of about 55 (he was pretty cool though- super generous when he cut my fabric).  trembling, i handed him my credit card, wondering how i could make things out of this fabric that would feed my family for a week, as that’s about what i was spending. 

so far, i’ve got nada.  i’m making many sketches, though, and you never know when inspiration will strike… c’mon… and… STRIKE! 

mmm, yeah.  that doesn’t work so well…

sage has already claimed the lavender for herself, so i’m working on a smock or pinafore type dress pattern- something that can go over a turtleneck and tights for the winter, and all alone in summer. 

oh!  also!  i went over to malice’s the other night to watch her tv show!  it was hiiiiiii-larious.  check it out, thursday night at 10:30 on the food network.  our friend who played the pivotal role of introducing hubberson and i circa 1994 in his parent’s basement is the other star, or executive sous chef as duff has dubbed him.  he is one of the funniest people i know- always delivering the deadpan line that makes you laugh till your belly hurts.  love these guys- love them.  watch it, so they make another season and my friends can be superstars. 

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  1. Love that little ball!

    Honestly, what was up with that place? I went to Joann the other day and it was like a breath of cheap, well-stocked air in comparison.

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