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WOW.  that was quite a hiatus.  why so long, you ask?  ah, dear reader.  let’s play guess the life-changer!  i love that game!  okay, here come your hints:

hint #1: i’ve been crying when i read craft blogs like this one, because it’s all just so beautiful.

hint #2: i’ve been crying whenever i have to wear clothing outside of my home, especially anything with a waistband. 

hint#3: last night, i bought a package of those break and bake cookies that i swore i’d never buy.  i then proceeded to eat half the package today. 

hint#4: i’ve bought stock in canada dry. 

hint#5: i cried while i ate the cookies. 

what’s that?  you think i may have a tapeworm?  too many sappy chick flicks? 

no, it’s the obvious.  i’m totally prego.  it’s still sinking in, as i was sort of in denial for, uh, most of the summer.  it’s great, and we’re excited (we definitely wanted more kids, you know, eventually), but i have to say, i was just getting used to the whole time to myself thing, and reading other school-aged kids mom’s blogs about having their kids gone ALL DAY EVERY DAY (which also made me cry) just makes me a tiny bit sad.  just a tiny bit, though.  then i have a can of ginger ale, and all is right with the world. 

i have absolutely no details until after tomorrow afternoon when the midwife enlightens me.  any advice from moms out there on super insane morning, afternoon, and night sickness?  also, a source for ginger altoids?  i should totally buy stock in them, too…

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  1. Congratulations! Whee!

  2. God has a master plan and all will be as it is meant to be…I love you and am here if you need ANYTHING!! (me and Joey that is!) Have you checked the altoids site–$12 for 6 tins of ginger altoids…

  3. Congratulations Heather! I’m very excited for you. When are you due? I love making baby gifts.

  4. Christina, the babysitter Says:

    ever since you gave me your blog, it is a ritual for me to check it, because… well you’re just that funny. I’ll be here to ‘sit whenever you need me!! You go girrl

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