baby, oh baby

i went to my first midwife appointment yesterday- i forgot how much i love my midwives and their office staff.  they have this strange apartment-converted-to-office space, and a really retro bathroom that i totally dig.  they also have a ridiculously huge stuffed horse, which sage and zander were into in a big way.  it was fun to take them (erich came too, it wasn’t just me and the kids-yikes!), but it was naptime for zander, so he was understandably “flimsy”, as i like to refer to it- floppy limbs, drunken gait, etc.  when the midwife was ready to listen for the heartbeat, she said, “scoot”, and hoisted all 40 pounds of two year old linebacker onto the table next to me.  this is why i love them.  he laid so still and held my hand while she tried (in vain) to find the heartbeat.  it’s still a bit early to worry about that, though.  she did schedule me for a sonogram saturday though, to date the baby more accurately. 

thanks for all the well wishes, i am feeling more and more excited each day, as is sage, who is now asking each morning, “hey, mama, is the baby here yet?” 

only 6 and a half more months of that every morning!  hardy har har…

i’m having trouble deciding what to make as my first baby related craft item.  I love the booties in knitting for baby, i made the easier ones for zander when he was in the belly and he wore them out after wearing them every day for six months (and being washed about a gagillion times).  I can’t find a good picture of him wearing them that doesn’t also include some stranger whose picture i shouldn’t post without permission.  poo. 

i could use your help on another front, if you are crafty and well-read.  my mom has offered to purchase me a crafty book as a birthday present, but i am somewhat housebound right now, and thus have been unable to peruse the different choices whilst sipping a latte in the mega-bookstore.  I’ve also found the reviews on Amazon to be, well, contradictory to each other, and not super helpful.  any suggestions?  i’m thinking knitting, crochet, or sewing would be most useful at this time.  thanks! 

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  1. tell yer mudda to subscribe you to this:

  2. Heather, I was just checking in on you guys and WOW! Congratulations!!! I hadn’t even heard the news yet – does anyone else know?! I’m so happy for you!


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