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happy? halloween?

Posted in life in general, musings, super fun for little one on October 31, 2006 by askthesky

my kids aren’t so sure about this whole halloween thing. 


zander wanted to be elmo, which was convenient, as i had a hand-me-down elmo costume.  it would have been ultra cute, but he was afraid of the fur.  enter every mom’s dream, the pumpkin jacket.  insta-costume.  sage was a cow, another hand-me-down, EZ, just-add-water kind of costume, and i was a 50’s girl, a costume i’ve had since teaching at a school that held an annual sock-hop.  after year three, i broke down and made the poodle skirt. 

we went to a party at church, no trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  some of the “older” (all the kids at this party were under 8, and 90% were preschoolers) attendees decided to wear gory/scary costumes, which was pretty much all sage could look at most of the night.  i suggested she just not look at the boys in question, and she did try, sort of, but you know how difficult that can be.  she was compelled to look.  we went into the “pumpkin patch” room, which was one half of the “haunted room”, but instead of dismembered hands and the like, there were light up pumpkins all over the floor.  the problem was the fog machine in the haunted side which was sending billowing clouds of fog over the pumpkins, so the non-scary side quickly morphed into a creepy orange glowing orb fog type dealie.  not such a big hit with my pumpkin and cow. 

next year, maybe we’ll actually match…


saturday bliss

Posted in musings on October 23, 2006 by askthesky

saturday morning, i got a rare chance to leave the house all alone.  it was the highlight of my week, perhaps my month

first, i headed over to the holy rosary community yard sale in patterson park.  many nice polish ladies had their wares set up to browse through, although there had been a robbery of sorts (someone walked away with some scarves) just before i arrived, so i got the feeling i was being watched very intently as i picked through things.  certainly, it was understandable, but strange to be the person getting the death look just for unfolding the giant tablecloth to look for stains.  here’s what i left with:

the tablecloth i love, although it’s a bit small for my giant dining room table.  i couldn’t resist the design and the colors, though, so home it came for $3.  the scissors are Singer brand, still very sharp.  the only nice sewing scissors i have are a pair of those insanely huge ones- i can’t cut for more than a few minutes before my wrist is throbbing, so these were a great steal for $1.  the scarf has some stains, but i have a use for it in mind in spite of them.  i also found some tools for the hubberson, a wrench and a clamp and a riveting tool for metal.  not so exciting for me, but i think he was happy with them. 

next, i headed to the farmer’s market to pick up some gourds.  i found what might be the ugliest and strangest one i’ve ever found:


and believe me, i’ve seen some gruesome gourds. 

he will be lovely for my holiday open house coming up this weekend.  along with the gourds for decorations, sage and i made the halloween banner generously shared by jenny– thanks so much, jenny! 

you can go make your own, too- she has the whole alphabet, so your banner can say whatever you’d like.  check out vicky’s at turkey feathers, too- a cute mini-version.  then we whipped up some ghosts (or as sage kept calling them, gooosts-she sounded very canadian) out of some old satiny fabric and tulle.  they work, too, i jumped out of my skin this morning when i came down to get neighbor baby at 7 am (i can’t believe it’s still dark lately at that time- ugh!) when i caught one out of the corner of my eye, hanging from the ceiling fan in the living room. 

back to the second-hand shopping, though… i headed next to 2 yard sales in my neighborhood that had been advertised in the paper.  the first one, i was really excited about- it was to be held in a very nice part of my neighborhood, and was multi-family.  boy, was i mistaken.  it started at 10 am- “NO EARLY BIRDS, PLEASE!!!” said the ad, so when I arrived at 11 and they were still setting up, i was a bit miffed.  everything they had was dirty, had parts missing, and was haphazardly arranged.  wholly a waste of my time.  the next one wasn’t much better- this person had things laid out all over the grass, which isn’t always a problem, but there were no paths to walk around and really look at items without inadvertently performing some improvised modern dance routine.  i came home with a flawless diana ross double album, and a coat rack which needs some love, but is sturdy.  they were each $1. 

the kids and i had a ball dancing to “upside down” after we put up the halloween decorations.  then we had to have a dance party for the rest of the afternoon- we had plenty to choose from:

i’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now, to brag about hubberson’s ability to build things.  he made this shelf out of old floor joists salvaged from the house across the street from ours when it was demolished to make room for a cheesy “victorian style” apartment building.  don’t get me started there.  our house was built around 1890, and i would assume this place across the way was about the same age, hence the aged quality of the wood.  the joists were perfect for this shelf hubbers had envisioned to hold his giant vinyl collection- huge, sturdy, and most importantly, free.  he designed it to be taken apart to move to another house, too.  it even has a guitar hook on the side, and shelves sized to hold the speaker cabinets perfectly. 

 isn’t it cool?  especially if you ignore all the yucky looking cords hanging down?  the toy box is almost always open, so you don’t see them so much.  i’m quite proud of it, and him. 

windy day in the city

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making and giving

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we had recently here in baltimore a bit of a cold snap/rainy/northwesterly type weather pattern for a few days.  it got me in the perfect knitting mood.  now we’re back into the 70’s and sunny, but luckily, i’ve been working on baby projects which are nice and small and don’t make your lap too warm. 

project one:

recipient: neighbor baby, for her baptism

yarn: jo sharp wool

needle: us size 6 circular

time to complete: 3 days, with felting and drying

pattern: “teddy bear family”, from Knitting For Baby, Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas. 

notes:  i love this pattern.  it’s easy to understand, quick to knit, and cute as a button.  the only hard part is securing the embroidery at the end- i never seem to be able to knot it off and make it invisible.  any tips? 

i made this bear- baptism bear, as we named him, for sage’s baptism when my mom said she couldn’t carry jerome for the ceremony.  why she didn’t want jerome in all the photos, i’ll never know. 

ha!  just joshin, mom, i know he looks “well loved”.  people out and about are never honest enough to just ask me why i never wash the thing.  he actually looked very much like this when we got him from california kristen as a present when sage was born.  he’s a jellycat, and they all look kind of raggedy when they’re new. 

it’s part of their charm, in my opinion.  and, for the record, jerome the giraffe has been washed many, many times. 

Project two:

recipient:  friend’s newborn

yarn: el-cheapo washable wool/acrylic mix

needle: size 7 circular, size 4 DPNs for cord ties

pattern: beginner’s bootie, from (you guessed it) Knitting for Baby, Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas (i do have other knitting books, i just rarely use them!)

notes: i also love this pattern- it’s so fast and easy, and they turn out durable and adorable.  i made a pair out of cotton when i was on bed rest with zander, and he wore them all throughout Europe that summer and beyond.  we used them for about 6 months, until they literally fell apart in the wash.  hopefully the new little guy will use them for as long. 

phew!  a nice, short, easily digestable post comes next, i promise. 


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yesterday someone used these search terms to find my blog:

applique + domestic violence


also, i made something!  things really are getting back to normal!  it’s not super impressive, and geez, do i wish i had photoshop, but it’s something i made out of materials i already had (mission falls cotton, oh how i will miss you when my stash is gone) that my kiddos really needed to wipe their oatmeal caked faces.  hooray! 

a few other items in the photo- the new french press i bought with my birthday gift card from malice (love you! thanks!), and my french butter keeper- the little white porcelain top flips over to a cup that holds the room-temp butter, then you fill the bottom with a bit of water to make an air-tight seal.  gotta love those french!

never-ending story

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how i loved that movie as a kid.  now it’s mostly the song i remember, while the actual story is foggy.  i know it was great at the end. 

i wish my never-ending story would end.  i feel like i’m treading water- i’m breathing, and working, and taking care of the kids, and keeping the kitchen clean, but i know if i stop kicking like crazy, i might go under again. 

i heard from the midwife this morning that it should be finished this week.  i had to return to the surgeon to have another sonogram, and get more cramp-inducing pills.  thank god i’m not feeling pregnant anymore- that is the saving grace.  i am still getting presents in the mail, well-meaning phone calls (“how’s that baby doing?!”), and very awkward hugs.  i’m thankful for them all, and yet cannot wait to be through to the last person and stop having to explain, explain, explain. 

i’ve been trying to brighten my days very intentionally, to seek out light and normalcy and everyday luxuries.  mostly i’ve been reading selena, apron thrift girl, who always seems to take an everyday (usually thrifted) item, and elevate it to greatness by loving it more than it had probably ever been loved before.  that is a truly beautiful thing, and it brings me such inspiration to look for those items, people, places, scenes, etc., which could so benefit from similar attention. 

And so, in that vein, i bring you this most amazing item:


my husband, despite his current status of doghouse inhabitant, went to the thrift store the other night to exchange some khakis that were comically short, and brought back this little $1 gem.  it seems to be a creamer pitcher, and i adore it.  the little handle!  the color!  the perfect condition!  the fact that my husband went into this section of the store to look for something just for me!  that, my friends, is huge.  so, thanks, hubbers.  i love that little pitcher and so do the people that we made.  sage has been filling it with pretend juice and water (no straight juice around here) and tipping the little spout into jerome’s mouth all day, and that alone makes me so happy.