never-ending story

how i loved that movie as a kid.  now it’s mostly the song i remember, while the actual story is foggy.  i know it was great at the end. 

i wish my never-ending story would end.  i feel like i’m treading water- i’m breathing, and working, and taking care of the kids, and keeping the kitchen clean, but i know if i stop kicking like crazy, i might go under again. 

i heard from the midwife this morning that it should be finished this week.  i had to return to the surgeon to have another sonogram, and get more cramp-inducing pills.  thank god i’m not feeling pregnant anymore- that is the saving grace.  i am still getting presents in the mail, well-meaning phone calls (“how’s that baby doing?!”), and very awkward hugs.  i’m thankful for them all, and yet cannot wait to be through to the last person and stop having to explain, explain, explain. 

i’ve been trying to brighten my days very intentionally, to seek out light and normalcy and everyday luxuries.  mostly i’ve been reading selena, apron thrift girl, who always seems to take an everyday (usually thrifted) item, and elevate it to greatness by loving it more than it had probably ever been loved before.  that is a truly beautiful thing, and it brings me such inspiration to look for those items, people, places, scenes, etc., which could so benefit from similar attention. 

And so, in that vein, i bring you this most amazing item:


my husband, despite his current status of doghouse inhabitant, went to the thrift store the other night to exchange some khakis that were comically short, and brought back this little $1 gem.  it seems to be a creamer pitcher, and i adore it.  the little handle!  the color!  the perfect condition!  the fact that my husband went into this section of the store to look for something just for me!  that, my friends, is huge.  so, thanks, hubbers.  i love that little pitcher and so do the people that we made.  sage has been filling it with pretend juice and water (no straight juice around here) and tipping the little spout into jerome’s mouth all day, and that alone makes me so happy. 


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  1. I wanted to say thank you for your beautiful and kind words about my blog. I feel very humble and yet as I sit here with sadness in my heart from reading your story I just want to send out a hug to you. I can’t imagine the pain you are going through. Both physical and emotional. Saying that I give you inspiration leaves me feeling very flattered and grateful and thankful that I can do something small to help someone else. I loved your story about your husband buying you the pitcher and that it is already loved by Sage (a name I have always loved) and Jerome. The last thing I’ll mention is that The Never-Ending Story is one of my favorites too, especially the song. When I am at my saddest I try to escape in books and forget about life around me. Kind of like the boy in the movie. Although I hope you don’t go through the smelly swamp. That was so gross. Do you remember that scene? Hugs to you and healing thoughts.

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