yesterday someone used these search terms to find my blog:

applique + domestic violence


also, i made something!  things really are getting back to normal!  it’s not super impressive, and geez, do i wish i had photoshop, but it’s something i made out of materials i already had (mission falls cotton, oh how i will miss you when my stash is gone) that my kiddos really needed to wipe their oatmeal caked faces.  hooray! 

a few other items in the photo- the new french press i bought with my birthday gift card from malice (love you! thanks!), and my french butter keeper- the little white porcelain top flips over to a cup that holds the room-temp butter, then you fill the bottom with a bit of water to make an air-tight seal.  gotta love those french!

2 Responses to “hmmm…”

  1. big sissy Says:

    I just saw a show about those butter keepers and loved it! I want one too! That blue pitcher is adorable…I guess Erich gets a pat for that!
    You know you have hugs from me daily, even if we don’t contact!
    Love you!

  2. You are so funny sharing with us your google search words. I too have wacky ones but I think this one topped mine. I’ll have to do a check sometime and see if I can raise you to the challenge of a wackier one.

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