making and giving

we had recently here in baltimore a bit of a cold snap/rainy/northwesterly type weather pattern for a few days.  it got me in the perfect knitting mood.  now we’re back into the 70’s and sunny, but luckily, i’ve been working on baby projects which are nice and small and don’t make your lap too warm. 

project one:

recipient: neighbor baby, for her baptism

yarn: jo sharp wool

needle: us size 6 circular

time to complete: 3 days, with felting and drying

pattern: “teddy bear family”, from Knitting For Baby, Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas. 

notes:  i love this pattern.  it’s easy to understand, quick to knit, and cute as a button.  the only hard part is securing the embroidery at the end- i never seem to be able to knot it off and make it invisible.  any tips? 

i made this bear- baptism bear, as we named him, for sage’s baptism when my mom said she couldn’t carry jerome for the ceremony.  why she didn’t want jerome in all the photos, i’ll never know. 

ha!  just joshin, mom, i know he looks “well loved”.  people out and about are never honest enough to just ask me why i never wash the thing.  he actually looked very much like this when we got him from california kristen as a present when sage was born.  he’s a jellycat, and they all look kind of raggedy when they’re new. 

it’s part of their charm, in my opinion.  and, for the record, jerome the giraffe has been washed many, many times. 

Project two:

recipient:  friend’s newborn

yarn: el-cheapo washable wool/acrylic mix

needle: size 7 circular, size 4 DPNs for cord ties

pattern: beginner’s bootie, from (you guessed it) Knitting for Baby, Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas (i do have other knitting books, i just rarely use them!)

notes: i also love this pattern- it’s so fast and easy, and they turn out durable and adorable.  i made a pair out of cotton when i was on bed rest with zander, and he wore them all throughout Europe that summer and beyond.  we used them for about 6 months, until they literally fell apart in the wash.  hopefully the new little guy will use them for as long. 

phew!  a nice, short, easily digestable post comes next, i promise. 

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  1. I don’t understand the childhood need to make favorite stuffed animals into crusty versions of their former glory. My neice has a kitty who looks much like Jerome … I call him Crusty Kitty. I still have my first plush and I swear its not that crusty. Perhaps I was anal from the womb and not just in recent years?

    However, your daughter’s love of giraffes — my favorite animal — soften my heart to Jerome’s crusty exterior. At least he’s well-loved, no?

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