happy? halloween?

my kids aren’t so sure about this whole halloween thing. 


zander wanted to be elmo, which was convenient, as i had a hand-me-down elmo costume.  it would have been ultra cute, but he was afraid of the fur.  enter every mom’s dream, the pumpkin jacket.  insta-costume.  sage was a cow, another hand-me-down, EZ, just-add-water kind of costume, and i was a 50’s girl, a costume i’ve had since teaching at a school that held an annual sock-hop.  after year three, i broke down and made the poodle skirt. 

we went to a party at church, no trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  some of the “older” (all the kids at this party were under 8, and 90% were preschoolers) attendees decided to wear gory/scary costumes, which was pretty much all sage could look at most of the night.  i suggested she just not look at the boys in question, and she did try, sort of, but you know how difficult that can be.  she was compelled to look.  we went into the “pumpkin patch” room, which was one half of the “haunted room”, but instead of dismembered hands and the like, there were light up pumpkins all over the floor.  the problem was the fog machine in the haunted side which was sending billowing clouds of fog over the pumpkins, so the non-scary side quickly morphed into a creepy orange glowing orb fog type dealie.  not such a big hit with my pumpkin and cow. 

next year, maybe we’ll actually match…

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  1. We would have looked sweet together you being in the 50’s and me in the 40’s. Things change quick in a decade don’t they. You certainly are dress for more fun than feathers I wore. The kids look adorably sweet. Keiran has a similar expression in his pictures. It was all just a bit overwhelming for him.

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