i cannot describe to you the joy i feel today, sitting here at the computer, ready to write a post.  i have time!  there is still a laundry list of things to be done, but none of them need to be finished RIGHT NOW- so nice, and so different from the past week.  of course, first there was this:

i used an old cooking light recipe- orange maple turkey.  highly recommended.  we had both my sisters, and my brother in law, and neice and nephews.  a nice small crowd.  my neice helped colored in the paper dolls i was making for sage (downloaded from Kiddley, thanks Claire!), which was a huge help (thanks T!), and everyone else had a nice visit.  we missed grandmommy and grandsam, though, who are in guatemala visiting grandsam’s brother.  so glad they had the chance to be there, but were missing them nonetheless. 

next up, a certain someone’s fourth birthday…

edited to add: i made the hat and that’s a finished woolen flower up there!  a happy hat for my hat wearin’ gal!

there was much celebration.  we had presents, sage used the POTTY all day(!!!), people came to play, much fun was had by all. 

and then there was the cake…

uncle geof, of ace of cakes fame, really outdid himself on the jerome cake.  sage loved it- she thought it was so funny that there were two jeromes in the house.  she blew out all the candles in a single breath, too, without singeing a single hair on her head.   

next, on to the annual lighting of the 34th street hoopla:

dear reader, if you are the nice lady in the superman shirt, please forgive me for using your photo on my blog without your permission- I tried to cut your head out, but I was bumped and pushed so much, i was happy to get any photo at all.  apparently HGTV was filming a special on our humble Hampden lights, which brought out even more than the usual seventy gajillion people who attend the annual lighting.  it was a good vibe, though, not hostile at all, just busy, like a bee hive.  oh, and baltimore peeps?  what is up with the dude selling ravens swag?  i mean, i can get behind the hot chocolate and the italian sausages, but do we really need ravens brand santa hats in order to fully experience the miracle of kitsch?  really?  sorry.  sliding the soapbox back under the counter now… 

later tonight, i must get to work on decorating the house, and getting this prepared.  what did i do before kiddley?  seriously, if you have or know children, you simply must get over there.  really.

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