yes, i am indeed alive. isn’t it super?!!?

i could spend valuable lines of text explaining my absence, or i could just get on with the list. 

1.  be honest in all circumstances, as nicely as possible. 

2.  die hair black again (to cover the gray). 

3.  get that tattoo that’s been bouncing around in my head for 10 years. 

4.  always have a charity fiber project going on- be it knitting, crochet, or sewing. 

5.  set up a proper studio space for crafting. 

6.  blog at least twice per week.  no excuses. 

i think that’s enough.  i’ve gotten a jump on number 6 by ordering the wifi card thingy dingy, and number four is underway.  there’s a new organic salon in my neighborhood to help out with number two, and hopefully a friend will hold my hand for number three.  applications are being received for this position at my home, you know the number. 

number five needs it’s own post, more on that later this week (i promise). 

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  1. What—a TATOO??????

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