making progress

SO.  i have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at the organic salon, Sprout, and my angelic sister to watch the kids.  here’s the before picture:

the question for you, should you choose to answer, is: to cover the gray, should i go full-on snow white-style black, or try to match it more to my real color?  i’m leaning towards the snow white thing.  i’m getting a cut, too, which i haven’t had done in over 4 years, when i started cutting it myself.  i’ll have a full review here afterwards, for all you charm city dwellers who cannot wait to hear what i thought, so you can flock there in droves.  or not.  depending on how it goes.  right. 

also, i have begun sketching the design for the tat, but i’m still conflicted about where on my body to put it… i’d like it to be where you wouldn’t neccessarily see it if i didn’t want you to (no bats out of the belfry, kristin- geez, i still can’t believe that– email me if you’re interested in the story- too racy to write about here), but not on a place that could be changed forever by a baby, should another ever come.  i’m thinking sort of the back of my hip.  if you have gotten a tattoo in baltimore, please leave me your recommendations in the comments- i’m thinking the museum, but i’m also not totally decided on that. 

and now, i’d like to announce how very proud i am to have made such easy to implement resolutions, enough so that on this, only the THIRD DAY of the year, i am somewhat close to finishing one of them.  yay, me.  yay, indeed. 

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