snow white

so, i went with the black.  i love it.  the after:

as for sprout salon, thumbs-UP.  it’s a great atmosphere, not too hipper-than-thou, but hip enough to make you feel cool.  i saw leah, who offers the cheapest cuts.  she’s perfect- not to chatty to annoy, no pressure to buy stuff, just nice and really good at what she does.  we decided on the color together, and i loved the process- the natural dye doesn’t smell at all, and it doesn’t burn on the scalp.  the only thing that i haven’t liked is that it hasn’t exactly come off my scalp yet.  if i scratch my head, i have black gunk under my nails, and this is after 3 washings with vigorous scrubbing.  i assume it will improve as time passes.  i hope, that is.  cause, you know, that’s not the most attractive thing. 

the cut is perfect- i told her i was open to whatever she wanted to do, as long as we could avoid the dreaded mushroom.  i’ve been cutting my own hair for the past 4 years, when my beloved hair man moved away (miss you, hini!).  it’s curly, so it never mattered much if it wasn’t perfect, and i liked doing it the way lorraine massey describes in her book, curly girl (a must-read if you are one).  but, as you can imagine, the back of my hair was very difficult to get to, and often i just randomly chopped upside down and hoped for the best.  the new cut is so nice, even in the back it falls so perfectly.  she used the thinning shears underneath, which makes it a little bit more fluffy than i’m used to, but i think in a couple days it will lay down and behave more.  they also shampooed it (which i never do), so that could have contributed to the fluff factor. 

all told, the event cost me $120, with a generous tip.  not bad, considering you’d expect to pay more for the natural dye.  i will definitely go back again, and i think you should go there, too.  i also chatted with the owner, rachel, who is super nice and has kids the same ages as mine.  she is very patient and sweet, as i noted while shamelessly eavesdropping on another cutting.

 in other non-hair related news, i have been writing some songs the past few weeks, which i hadn’t done in a very long time.  it’s been interesting, and i’m not sure what to think of them, as everything always seems so silly and contrived when you look at it the next day, but i have to believe that everyone feels that way when they start something that exposes them so fully.  it’s a little disconcerting.  stay tuned for further developments there. 

crafting wise, i’ve cast on for my charity knitting project for january, an afghan strip for sue’s ongoing project.  i have a metric ton of lion brand Homespun yarn to use, but if you’d like to contribute to the project and you don’t have a stash teeming with yarn you’d like to rid yourself of, go down to lovelyarnsin hampden, and sue will give you the yarn for this project.  isn’t that cool?  and, on the flip side, if you have yarn to donate to the cause, but no time or inclination to knit (or crochet) the strip, sue would be happy to take your yarn donation. 

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  1. I miss Hini too! I visited him a few times down in Miami…and the last time I was there, his boyfriend Thierry cut off 5 inches of my hair on their patio, in a chardonnay-influenced typhoon of fabulousness. But that is a story for another day…

  2. aitch-oh-tee-hot. i heart your hair. and you.

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