all ye who lurk…

reveal yourselves!  really, i want to know who you are, and i have planned to entice you with a lovely giveaway… a felted crochet flower pin with a ribbon french knot center.


leave a comment, and i’ll draw a winner on friday.  i’ll even ship internatinoally.  woo-ha!  think you have nothing to say?  how ’bout:

  • your thoughts on the new blog theme
  • your favorite day of the week and why
  • sesame street muppet you love most
  • your feelings on sandwich crusts
  • your favorite Dylan song
  • tips on how to get rid of the mice in my kitchen

you have five mintues, starting…. NOW!  comment, COMMENT, COMMENT!!!

but, you know, no pressure. 

5 Responses to “all ye who lurk…”

  1. krislinatin Says:

    blog theme, nice.
    monday, kids back in school.
    Oscar, had a 300= collection of him when i was younger.
    if its good bread, i’ll eat it.
    Don’t like dylan.
    Throw all the food away, kidding. Mice won’t go away, just can’t have dinner availabel for them, then they will go elsewhere.
    I’m sorry about the hubby and you, never a good thing for the kids.
    First time reading this, oh yeah, like the hair also.

  2. * your thoughts on the new blog theme: Very serene. I want to go there, read a book and maybe follow a little rabbit down a hole.
    * your favorite day of the week and why: Any day I get a paycheck? We’re still in that “tumultuous” time in our lives when money is important. I hope that one day, it becomes less so.
    * sesame street muppet you love most: SLIMEY! Well, old Slimey, before he could talk. And Barkley. I miss that dog.
    * your feelings on sandwich crusts: Depends on the bread. Sometimes I still pull them off because they taste icky.
    * your favorite Dylan song: Eww. I don’t have one. Please don’t think less of me.
    * tips on how to get rid of the mice in my kitchen: Don’t invite my cat over. She won’t know what to do with them. Maybe clean a whole bunch and put foods like grains and cereals in rubbermaid or tupperware containers, so the mice can’t get in? Call an exterminator?

  3. I think your new theme is rad. I love Saturdays, because it’s got a lazy Sunday in front of it and a Friday behind it. I think Grover may be my favorite, aside from when Kermit makes a guest appearance. I will eat sandwich crusts. I like “Tangled Up In Blue,” but there may be one I like more. That’s the first one that came to mind. Mice: we used those little snap-traps. I don’t know that ours are “gone” gone, but at least we’ve scared them into silence. Good luck because I hate rodentia.

    I’ve been thinking of you this week, since I read your last post. Hang in there, trooper.

  4. *I love the overall theme, wish I could see the pic better–would love to sit under the tree and read for hours
    *Fridays, especially if it’s a holiday and everyone is home–you have the whole weekend to look forward to.
    *It’s sooo hard to pick one, they all have such unique traits, I think it may be Bert (maybe I identify with him the most?) but Kermit has me hands down wherever he is. Mr. Hooper was my favorite non-furry character however
    *As long as the bread is good, the crust goes down the same way!
    *uck, on Dylan, sorry
    *Everything edible in tupp or rubbermaid, baits that they eat and go elsewhere to expire and an exterminator like JCEhrlich (they use things that don’t hurt the kids respiration) and a cat or two wouldn’t hurt. We don’t have any mice except maybe in the garage. The problem is if all the neighbors aren’t somewhat considerate, the mice may not go far if your buffet is premier!
    *By-the-by, YOU ARE AMAZING! in case you weren’t sure! 🙂

  5. *Theme is great, I would love to see the scene better (maybe it’s my computer?) The white fades into the white background of the page and loses some definition
    *Fridays, the whole weekend is in front of you
    *Bert, but Kermit is the best Muppet and Mr. Hooper is favorite SStreet character overall
    *If the bread is good, so is the crust
    *Dylan, yucky
    *Everything in tupp or rubbermaid, baits that they eat and take away, an exterminator!

    Love Ya!

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