…drum roll please…

and the winner is…   sarah, from small fox in a big world!  woo-HOO! 

congrats, my dear, and thanks for reading.  head over to her blog, she makes lovely scarves and dear owls, which you can purchase from her etsy shop.  she’s a great illustrator as well, there are no limits to her talents. 

email me your address, sarah, and your pin will be on its way prontissimo. 

i am trying hard not to assume that the lack of commenting means my pin is not popular, and rather that everyone who reads here is just so darn busy, they can’t comment lest something burn on the stove, or otherwise cause some sort of domestic/work related tragedy.  or maybe it’s that the picture is pretty crappy.  i need a macro lens. 

m’kay.  a list! 

Things That Are Making Me Frustrated, And Yet, I Remain Somehow Optimistic:

  • erich has officially moved into an “apartment” with a handy bird entrance (read: hole to the outside), no heat, and no cold water.  and, he can only stay there a month.  if you live in baltimore, and have an apartment for rent that you wouldn’t have to sell an organ to afford AND does not include continuous year-round air conditioning or bird sanctuary services, please email me. 
  • i have been working towards an etsy shop update for weeks, so that i could make a bit of moolah to buy some crafting supplies to make more things, and thus, more moolah.  it was really working great in my head, until i ran out of hot glue sticks.  no can-a make-a.  urrrrg. 
  • my car, which has been in the shop for over 2 weeks, seems to be nowhere near completion, and i’ve been renting a minivan in the meantime, which is going to cost about $26,000 by the time this is all said and done. 
  • all the faucets in my house have recieved the memo on leaking, and have complied.  i know they are plotting against me, and i am not happy.  i just had a very stern conversation with the one in the bathroom. 

however, i remain optimistic.  i mean, it could be this bad, after all.  hang in there, luckybeans family, and thank goodness you had the presence of mind to take photos. 

oh, and emily, thanks so much for the card + gift cert.  i was squealing when i finally opened it yesterday!  lurk on! 

3 Responses to “…drum roll please…”

  1. I love that Sarah won your flower. What a fun person to win. Her post brought me to you and I love the optimism “advice.” I know you weren’t advicing but I am using it as such. I will come visit again.. Thank you!

  2. Hi Heather. What do you mean I missed the drawing! Anyhow, I love the pin. I’m really, really behind in keeping up with my favorite blogs. My tree is still up for goodness sakes. I was sad to hear your life news. Lots of adventures ahead for you, I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Good thing your hair looks as fabulous as it does! Take care, xoxo. Kathy

  3. I like to imagine that the seems in the sidewalk are filled with powedered sugar…And that your children are little elves inspecting the powdered sugar effect. Making sure they are supplying the town with just enough sweetness…

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