snow sunday


it didn’t end up being much more than this, but they still loved every minute of it…

and then we ate these…

banana chocolate chip cookies… email me for the recipe- only 60 calories each, and especially good with the Ghirardelli  dark chocolate chips we got half price! 

4 Responses to “snow sunday”

  1. Yummy! Please…will mine look as good? We had about an inch or so, but are off school for teacher days anyhow! Sage looks thrilled!

  2. We got snow too!!!! Isn’t it wonderful.. It made me sing….

  3. I like to imagine that the seems in the sidewalk are filled with powedered sugar…And that your children are little elves inspecting the powdered sugar effect. Making sure they are supplying the town with just enough sweetness…
    (Sorry think I posted this in the wrong post, so I am here now.. right place)

  4. what’s snow? love from california.

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