come revamp with me

so, to re-visit these items, i am working out a “design” in my head for the craft space in my bedroom.  i’m thinking when i move the crib out into the middle closet-type room, i can have almost half the room to use.  maybe you’d like to join me on this journey- the journey from junky bedroom to functional yet stylish sleeping boudoir/craft studio…

as you can see in the photos (and sorry for all the junk everywhere- i’m still going through that), i have options.  i could move the bed and have the non-window and non-light thingys sticking out walls be the craft side of the room (moving the bed to where the big dresser is in the above picture), which would also move the sensitive materials away from the radiator.  good.   don’t you love that quilt on the wall?  yeah, i didn’t make it.  it was a gift from a parent when i was teaching.  and, please be kind, it took a lot of reassuring self-talk to convince me to post photos of my bedroom. 

so, i have an approximate budget of $0, and i’ll need a flat table surface, a makeshift sewing station, and a lot of storage.  i’ll also need to work around the swirling tempests:

not a task for the faint of heart, indeed.  and i’ll need a strapping man to help move the furniture.  i see bribery baking in my future…

does anyone have a success story to share with me about your “studio” within the house?  i know many who have them, but started with guest bedrooms or otherwise empty spaces.  guests are not welcome here, unless they’re the crash on the couch types.  love those. 

also, i made a hat.  totally unrelated, i realize, but i wanted to share. 

i left my old hat at the golden west the other night, and rather than walk 3 blocks to retrieve it, i made a new one.  i never liked the old one anyway, i took it as a sign.  maybe some poor cold-headed diner really needed a hat and found it.  it does tend to be somewhat frigid in there… i wish i could tell you the name of the yarn- i know the black was washable wool, and the novelty is from autstermann.  i think i used 11 needles- i wanted 13’s, but i must have lent them to someone, as they are no where in my black hole of a craft stash.  the little flower is crocheted out of the same black as in the body of the hat. 

one more bit of randomness for your wednesday, i ventured out with supa last night to get the hot glue sticks, so i promise an etsy shop update in the imminent future (vague time line-on purpose).  i also have some roving and brand new felting needles to use on a new idea bouncing around in my head. 

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  1. Ok, top picture. I’d move the bed across the room to be centered between and slightly overlapping those two windows. Then, I would use the wall the bed is on for a table — a big one that spans the whole length, so you can have your sewing machine on one end and still have plenty of work space. Thrifting, old college library tables, IKEA… somewhere should have a suitable surface for cheap.

    Crap. I just saw the radiator…

    OK. Bottom picture. Move the bed to the left, where the dresser is — by your closet. Maybe you could put a table by the windows? My sewing table is under a bank of windows and I LOVE IT! I can look out and I always have good light.

    And as for the tempests, perhaps leashes are in order?! 😀 Is Jerome wearing a diaper?

  2. Love the hat, love the kids… The space has major potential!! Great walls, colors, and people… Let me just say…When I ventured into the hills to have love and fantasy with a wonderful man, never did I know that the property he had bought, that needed much work, would become a job for me as well!!!! Never did I know I would stay for 7 years…NEVER!!!And never, did I imagine that the strange room, with caving in celings and really really hard concrete vinyl covered floors would become my studio which I LOVE and enhances my life…We had a new ceiling put on, and then I did the rest, painting etc. I painted rugs on the floor, and really chipped off all the vinyl I could and painted over the rest! Then later we built a loftish space for me to “live” in when I am here. The point is, you have a lovely space to work with, and if I could do it with my dungeon, you are already more than halway there!!! FUN!!!

  3. […] and all by myself!  no bribery baking required!  what do you think?  oh, and don’t forget what it used to look like.  keep in mind, i didn’t spend extra time trying to make it look super duper perfect, […]

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