revamp part 2

taking sarah’s (aka my new right brain) excellent suggestion from the comments,i constructed a diagram on graph paper of my room and all of the furniture.  of course, being incredibly left brained, instead of using a regular measuring tool, which would have required me to go into the basement and locate something useful (not at all an easy task- maybe someday i’ll past photos of my basement so that you, too, could have a coronary just thinking about it, as i do often), i used my foot.  my actual foot.  now i’ve spent an inordinate amount of time playing with it, as it’s endlessly more fun than actually cleaning out the room. 


update!  now i’ve spent the morning going through some things for my home business and re-organizing.  hoorah!  now i have a chest of drawers full of supplies, neatly organized, and only 3/4 of the room left to de-clutter!  ah, sweet bliss…

i think this is the arrangement i’m most drawn to:

so, i’ll need a standing/stool height table for the door wall, and the desktop will become my new sewing area.  i’ll move all of the business stuff out to the middle room (i know they’re hard to read- but these include the things to the left of the diagram: tall dresser and file cabinet), otherwise known as the closet of doom.  this will be next on my re-vamp list.  i’ve successfully moved zander into sage’s room to share, which seems much more fair than living in the closet of doom.  in sage’s room, there is a window, a radiator, and toys (not to mention, sage, the best toy of all), so i don’t think he’ll be upset. 

then i’ll have to secure the imaginary table (marked in dashes), and i’ll have to get back the folding screen i lent to my neighbors to divide the room into business and sleep. 

it’s a little nuts how excited i am about this.  just so you know. 

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  1. YAY! I’m a brain piece! At least someone appreciates my graph paper rooms layouts. I do this here, spending glorious hours measuring and drawing and coloring and arranging and people think I’m batty. BUT IT’S WONDERFUL! And when you’re a small fox, it’s a lot easier than moving all the furniture around a million times. And I’m anal, so it soothes me.

  2. ligeia smith Says:

    hi heather, well it certainly looks like you are keeping rather busy!! your kids seem to not be able to stay still either, they must get it from their mom. 😉
    that’s a great pic of you on here too and i love the cookies. yum!
    we just got a bread machine and can’t stop using it, especially mindy. we make bread every couple of days and have even made cinamin rolls and pizza dough.
    i’ve been sick, although getting better. i’m in the process of applying to graduate school for a master’s degree in ESL.
    lots of love and write anytime,
    Ligeia 🙂

  3. Sarah is Nutzz! She admits it though, and I adore her. But diagrams??? I can not do that. I have to sit in the room motionless for like 6 hours, then it all comes together and i just do it…Hmmm. Youa re on the right track. Find other things to do so you can keep putting it off. hehehhehee

  4. ps. I just LUV YA!!! You make me feel so happy! Thank you thank you!!!!! I am more inspired to share because of your kind words.

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