progress makes… progress?

here is the proof that i am actually working towards an etsy shop update.  buttons!  and flowers! 

these buttons i picked up at joann’s with supa, in addition to looking delicious, are also so cool- they’re not what i expected in a pre-packaged, fairly cheap assortment. 

that big green one, especially, is blowing my mind.  the big pink one, which is now one of the flower centers, is also one of my favorites- it almost looks etched with a swirly paisley design (i’m a bit obsessed with all things paisley). 

i’m going to a conference on thursday in atlanta, and last night i finished up the door decorations i made for our contingent, so that we can tell where everyone is staying in the hotel: 

we’re working towards a hawaii trip right now, so the hibiscus flip flops seemed like a good idea.  please try to ignore the giant stain on the cloth there, whoops…  and, since i know she’s lurking right now, mad props go to ms kristin for helping me with this- it went so much quicker with that giant slice of carrot cake…  we made the thong part of the sandal with braided hemp twine.  i think they’re pretty adorable.  minus that stain, of course. 

so, wish me safe travels this weekend, and safety to those i’m leaving behind.  i am going to enjoy so much three whole days of only wiping my own butt.  man, i need a vacation. 

3 Responses to “progress makes… progress?”

  1. I love the rose button and paisley. I’m having an affair with paisley, but Brian is ok with it.

  2. That is so funny!!!!! The wiping.. the “thongs” Fuuuunnnnyyyy. I love how you get all the buttons in the jar!!! Who knew? Everyone but me probably. I love the pink one!! I love buttons. Period.

  3. Have a great trip, lady. You deserve it!

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