i’m back…

i had a great weekend in atlanta, thanks to all who asked!  i have a new found vigor for my old business, and it’s making me feel a bit more comfortable with my financial situation, at least in my head.  that’s a start. 

i’m needing to get a new car.  it has to be very affordable, very reliable, and very equipped with important features like a warranty and excellent gas mileage.  here’s what i’ve been looking at:

Toyota Matrix2007 Honda Fit 4dr FWD Hatchback

toyota matrix on the left, honda fit on the right.  they’re like little teeny wagons.  they’re affordable, reliable, etc.  everything that fits my needs.  if anybody has one, please advise.  i’d love to know what you think. 

so, now i need to test drive and see which will fit 3 carseats better.  wanna come with? 

we will return to our regularly scheduled crafty programming later this week.  thank you for your patience. 

2 Responses to “i’m back…”

  1. Wow, you are back!!! It seemed like so long ago since I last heard your words. Okay, saw your typed words. but it was a good thought!!! Glad you had a great trip!!

  2. I believe that our neighbor has the FIT. I’ll ask her tomorrow.

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