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the yarn harlot today has written what i feel about color and art in my everyday life.  thanks, stephanie, now i can be lazy.  seriously, though, i feel like a nut sometimes when it comes to color.  i am always drawn to the most ____ (fill in the blank- suggestions: bright, muted, variant, etc.) colors in textiles, furniture, clothing, and pretty much anything.  i just love color with an undying passion.  there, i’ve said it. 

this weekend in atlanta, before our conference began in earnest, we hopped the MARTA over to the High Museum, to take in the visiting exhibit from the Louvre.  of course, no photos were allowed, but here’s the outside view of the banner advertising the show:

i had allocated about $30 to invest in something from the museum shop that inspired me.  i ended up with a small Matisse print, a wipe-off  board printed with van gough’s irises, and these magnets:

 sorry, i had no idea how impossible it would be to get a decent photo of these- they’re glass circles. 

i stuck them on the fridge for the time being, until my big bedroom/studio inspiration board is ready for them.  the amount of pure joy i feel as i walk by and see them is worth so much more to me than the $4 i paid for them.  and, one more color love item before we end today- check out this awesome present sage received from grandmommy at christmas:

crayon stands!  oh, how i love them…

i have been hard at work in my makeshift studio this week, working on many different projects, and all will be revealed this week! 

self-portrait with foam plate, 2007

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