miniswap 2!

we got our package thursday morning from miniswap 2, and our fantastic partners, the hilbert meads!  there was so much excitement, but we had to wait until sage got home from her pajama party day of preschool to open it.  she asked me seven times on the way home from school if we were going to open the package from those kids on the computer.  check out the bounty:

there’s the front little striped bag, sewn by mama hilbert, and filled with handpainted beads and strings for making necklaces (see below), the pretty blue bag in the back filled with an assortment of green tea (most of which is now gone, s!), envelopes filled with foamy sea creatures just begging to be stuck to fun projects, and the piece de resistance (i’m not sure how to spell that correctly, but i’m letting it go), the little collage on the left.  ms. s. hilbert makes these amazing creations, and thought enough of me to send me this one.  at the bottom, the text reads: soon… spring.  i have to be honest and tell you that i cried a little when i opened it.  the message resounds in a lot of ways for me right now, and it’s just so perfect- i love it, s. 

not pictured (due to having been consumed/used before i got the box all the way open): a big bag of gummi bears, and a wonderful mix CD that lydia decorated.  i found out that papa mead worked with feist, a wonderful credit indeed! 

you spoiled us rotten, guys- we’re so thankful to “know” you!  thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

3 Responses to “miniswap 2!”

  1. Work it, Sage!

  2. Oh my!!! What lovely treats to fly your way!!! And who is that sweet pea???? What a love! Did she consume the gummi bears?? hee hee. How are you?????

  3. What a fun fun fun dish to make.. But I am sorry sage got trampled and that you girls are not feeling good. Sending heart warming wishes your way!!!

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