today…was rough.  i’m still sick, zander’s still sick, and now sage is sick again.  just getting to the post office to mail out our (late) miniswap package was a major undertaking, even though the post office is just one block from our house.  every small detail that could have gone smoothy reared up in defiance and simply did not behave.  this includes everything from the stupid LATCH on neighbor baby’s 600 pound car seat to the person in front of us at the bank who not only didn’t hold the door behind him, but actively pushed it closed after he walked through, knocking sage as she tried to open it for me.  he didn’t even turn around. 

i had some errands i was supposed to run that didn’t get done, and a lot of responsibilities this week that i’m worried about.  the etsy shop update has yet to be done, i have other business related calls to make, swap items to finish, and there’s a new project idea that i can’t get out of my head.  then there’s all the normal household stuff.  oh, don’t forget the winter storm hysteria gripping baltimore right now <cue ultra-intense foreboding 6 o’clock news music>.  in a word, i’m overwhelmed. 

somehow, in spite of all this, dinner time arrived tonight, demanding i snap out of it and make something that my sick kids would actually eat.  hmmmmmmmmm…

i chose:

oh, baby.  how you turned my day around with your sweet, sweet, bunnitude. 

So You’re Having A Bad Day Buns

1 tube refrigerated pizza crust (or defrosted frozen bread dough, or bread dough from scratch, but if you do the last one, your day was not that bad, be honest)

some chopped up nuts *

one(ish) chopped apple

a bunch of raisins

maybe, uh, 2 TBS butter, softened + one TBS, melted

two big squirts of honey

cinnamon (a lot)

orange peel (or lemon, whatever you have), cut as finely as you can cut it, or grated

about 1/4 cup of sour cream

mix the above (minus the melted butter and dough), and preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  unroll your dough of choice, roll out a bit if needed, and spread your filling all over.  roll up, starting with a long side, and cut into slices.  Put the slices in a big dish with sides, and brush with melted butter.  bake at 400 for a what seems like too long, or until your four year old has asked you when dinner will be ready 18 times.  they should be golden brown and feel like finished buns feel.  i know it’s more than 12 minutes, if that’s helpful.  then, make a nice icing with some confectioner’s sugar and a bit of milk and vanilla.  drizzle that over the warm buns, and eat your bad day into oblivion. 

*i know, i know, but this is how i cook.  if you want to come over next time i make them and take notes, you’re more than welcome.  just bring your own apron, cause i only have one.  also, bring some eggs, so we can have some protein with our sugar rush.  that would be great.   

2 Responses to “gloomy”

  1. I sure do hope you get to feeling better. Those buns look like they will help! YUM!

  2. Oh dear, I feel terrible that trying to get our package out wreaked such havoc in your day. 😦 But those buns look scrumptuous! After a day like that, I wouldn’t have shared those with anyone, just snarfed ’em down myself!

    Hope you guys are all feeling better. I will holler when the pkg arrives!
    Sarah in Pasadena

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