california friends

remember miniswap?  well, our package was finally received in california by our friends!  i’ve… uh… misplaced the photos i took of what we made, so i’m swiping mom s.’s..

miniswap-1.jpglittle bags i crocheted and lined for each child- gray with felt flower pin for daughter l, brown with felted beads (first i ever made!) made into a wee caterpillar for son and bug-lover r.  stuffed with:

miniswap-2.jpgfor mom s:  yarn, fancy body cream, handmade earrings, baltimore raven tea. 

miniswap-4.jpgminiswap-3.jpgfor daughter l: yarn, crochet hooks and pony beads with instructions for making a chain stitch necklace, baltimore postcard, crab shaped chocolate, hon!

for son r: bug clicker, baltimore postcard, crab shaped chocolate, wooden farm puzzle, homemade bug coloring book (made by my kids on the computer). 

yay!  this was so much fun, i can’t wait for the next one!! 

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  1. Isn’t it fun??? Sending and receiving??? If Only I could have a real time camera to see people’s faces!!!YAY!!!

  2. Awww, sweetness!

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