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crazy people

Posted in life in general, musings on March 28, 2007 by askthesky

i’ve been wanting to share some of my nuttiest search terms- some are really out there.  a small sampling:

in the eeeewwwww category:

  • scalp smelly white gunk

  • losing blood fast head

  • itchy rash butt

  • baby spit up green

 In the “yes, my friends are on tv” category:

  • ace of cakes number one fan

  • geof ace of cakes is hot

  • i love mary alice

  • geof cake sexy

  • mary alice charm city cutie

 in the “crafts gone wrong” category:

  • Drunken Sailor quilt pattern

  • british crochet + “ach”

  • how the hell do i knit

there are also many, many, many search terms dealing with dropping hcg levels.  so many, it makes me really sad sometimes.  i’m happy i can maybe help someone else get through losing a baby, but man.  it’s true when people tell you it happens more than you think- one week in december, i must have had at least 10 hits from “dropping hcg” search terms, and i have at least one every two weeks or so.  if you’re one of those searchers, i hope you’ve gotten through it and are looking forward as best you can.  i feel you.  hang in there. 



Posted in musings on March 25, 2007 by askthesky

how bout that new year’s resolution, number 6?  i have a good excuse, though, as i was without internet access at home for over a week.  i thought i might die, but lo and behold, here i am telling you about it.  hooray! 

ok, on to more important things- i have made nothing to speak of lately, although i have cast on for my favorite bootie pattern (knitting for baby), for my newest niece, jessica mary, born last thursday. 

this last couple weeks have been really difficult for me.  i’ve been having nightmares a lot, which leaves me exhausted for the 3 preschoolers i have during the day, and i’m feeling guilty about my lack of patience and general un-cool-momness lately.  our visitation schedule hasn’t been kept by one of us (guess who!), and so i’ve had hardly any time away from the kids.  the time i have had has all been working time, which i’ve had to beg, borrow and steal babysitting for.  i’m dying to go to yoga regularly and just generally take better care of myself so that i can take better care of everyone else.  where are the teenagers who are dying to babysit?  i guess they all work at starbucks these days…

ok, just so i don’t crap all over your sunday and leave, here’s a photo of sage’s brilliant performance art.  note the expression on her face- it’s key to this particular work. 

revamp part three

Posted in 2007 resolutions, life in general, musings on March 13, 2007 by askthesky

the babies are home in one hour- i cannot wait to squeeze them and nibble on their cheeks.  mmmmm, nibbles….

sorry.  my weekend was mucho productivo.  i almost finished the bedroom re-vamp, except for clearing out all of my other, non-crafting home business stuff into the other room, and installing the table, which i don’t have as of yet.  i am very impressed with myself- i did all of it today (tuesday), and all by myself!  no bribery baking required!  what do you think?  oh, and don’t forget what it used to look like.  keep in mind, i didn’t spend extra time trying to make it look super duper perfect, that’s just not me.  so, while there are still piles all over, i think it’s well on its way to being a very useful space for me. 

eventually there will be a magnetic board under the giant bulletin board, both making my inspiration wall.  that’s also where the standing height work table will be.  don’t you love that little white medicine cart?  i got that at a yard sale- i love it!  ok, on to the other big accomplishment of the weekend, i made my first painting!  here’s a really terrible photo of the photo i based it on:

i took it from a boat in the inner harbor here in baltimore.  here’s the painting, be kind, it’s my first ever:

what do you think?  i hope your weekend was productive, too! 

leavin’ on a jet plane

Posted in musings on March 9, 2007 by askthesky


i put my babies on a plane with their father to florida this morning.  i have never had them leave me here at home before.  i’ve gone away for weekends three times, but they were always relatively close to home if not in my home, not gallavanting all over the east coast, flying on airplanes, walking near swimming pools, and going to the beach.  without me.  to protect them. 

i’ve been crying since 4:45 am when my alarm went off.  sage just called from the plane to tell me that zander cried a lot when they had to put his blankie through the security machine, but it was ok, because she put jerome in there with it, and it wasn’t dirty.  god, i love these kids.  i know he’ll do fine, and they’ll come back alive.  i just want to save them from feeling scared and uncomfortable, which i know i can’t do, whether i was on this trip with them or not.  it just seems to young to have to be thrust into that at 2 and 4. 

just look at this face, i mean, really. 

ok, on to other, non-heartbreaking things.  i made a mobile recently for the top of my stairs, with mirrors and flat sided glass beads. 

sorry for the cruddy photo, this was nearly impossible to get, what with all the moving and reflecting.  i used an old purse handle for the hoop at the top, and beading thread (although fishing line would have been far better, but i didn’t have any and this was the kind of project i had to do right then) for hanging.  i like it- it catches the light nicely, and carries the eye up to the window, which is one of my favorite things about the house. 

and finally, to end on a super positive note, the sun is coming back!  hooray! 

i’m hoping to put that re-vamp plan into action this weekend, updates as they become available… have a great weekend!

crochet tutorial

Posted in musings on March 5, 2007 by askthesky

to all who have ever asked me for crocheting tips: click me

to all in general: i fixed my connection!  woo-HA! 

more to come… i have so many posts to read! 

ach, du lieber

Posted in musings on March 2, 2007 by askthesky

well, well, well.  where to begin.  this week in wrap-up for me:

-i signed my life away on the new car (i went with the fit, pictures when i get it, if that day ever comes- apparently, the car i insist on, which has a manual transmission- lives only in japan and must be driven on the sea-bed to get here??)

-because of the above, i am now having to rent again, to the tune of $250 for the week. 

-erich gave notice to leave his job yesterday, which is ok, since he hated every moment of it, but it means i lose my health insurance.

-sage started acting out- i won’t mention the gory details, let’s just say i’ve gone through a LOT of paper towels. 

-i  lost my internet, and i am now updating from my church computer (hi, chris!), hence the lack of photos. 

i am stressed, and i need help.  luckily a friend called today with a smashing idea for a girl’s movie night tomorrow night (vanessa, it’s like your sleepover!), and boy, do i need one of those kinds of nights.  gigglefest 2007, here i come…

 p.s.- am i really the only person left in the country who prefers stick shift?  fluffy, i know you’re with me on this one, right?