ach, du lieber

well, well, well.  where to begin.  this week in wrap-up for me:

-i signed my life away on the new car (i went with the fit, pictures when i get it, if that day ever comes- apparently, the car i insist on, which has a manual transmission- lives only in japan and must be driven on the sea-bed to get here??)

-because of the above, i am now having to rent again, to the tune of $250 for the week. 

-erich gave notice to leave his job yesterday, which is ok, since he hated every moment of it, but it means i lose my health insurance.

-sage started acting out- i won’t mention the gory details, let’s just say i’ve gone through a LOT of paper towels. 

-i  lost my internet, and i am now updating from my church computer (hi, chris!), hence the lack of photos. 

i am stressed, and i need help.  luckily a friend called today with a smashing idea for a girl’s movie night tomorrow night (vanessa, it’s like your sleepover!), and boy, do i need one of those kinds of nights.  gigglefest 2007, here i come…

 p.s.- am i really the only person left in the country who prefers stick shift?  fluffy, i know you’re with me on this one, right? 

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  1. Oh, darling! I know it will get better for you! You can get medicade insurance for the kids, or some other form of government healthcare, so at least they still have insurance. That’s what my friend does, since her job doesn’t offer insurance. And I know a lot of people who prefer stick shift… I don’t happen to be one of them, but they are out there. One lives here with me. He thinks stick shifts are divine!

    If you ever need anyone to fume or rant or be silly to, I’m always here!

  2. I know I left a comment? It disappeared???? My Mr. Lovee only drives Subaru, and only stick….

  3. Okay, here is that whole comment over again:

    Pillows attached with ducttape go around the little bodies of children…all breakable and hurtables are removed from the home. Food is lined up on the kitchen counters. You tell Erich, “Watch the kids…”Then you grab a sleeping nag and treasures and you take the first partridge out of town….Straight to Arizona!!!!

    Having a church to update from is a peaceful melancholy….?

    Hugs galore, xxo, Vanessa

  4. Yes, I am with you. But sadly, I now drive auto like a common simpleton. They didn’t have the sube we wanted in manual. Also the BHE doens’t like to drive manual. Even though he’s not the one who gets to drive the new sube. So he’s stuck driving my old crappy civic which is, ironically enough, a manual.

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