leavin’ on a jet plane


i put my babies on a plane with their father to florida this morning.  i have never had them leave me here at home before.  i’ve gone away for weekends three times, but they were always relatively close to home if not in my home, not gallavanting all over the east coast, flying on airplanes, walking near swimming pools, and going to the beach.  without me.  to protect them. 

i’ve been crying since 4:45 am when my alarm went off.  sage just called from the plane to tell me that zander cried a lot when they had to put his blankie through the security machine, but it was ok, because she put jerome in there with it, and it wasn’t dirty.  god, i love these kids.  i know he’ll do fine, and they’ll come back alive.  i just want to save them from feeling scared and uncomfortable, which i know i can’t do, whether i was on this trip with them or not.  it just seems to young to have to be thrust into that at 2 and 4. 

just look at this face, i mean, really. 

ok, on to other, non-heartbreaking things.  i made a mobile recently for the top of my stairs, with mirrors and flat sided glass beads. 

sorry for the cruddy photo, this was nearly impossible to get, what with all the moving and reflecting.  i used an old purse handle for the hoop at the top, and beading thread (although fishing line would have been far better, but i didn’t have any and this was the kind of project i had to do right then) for hanging.  i like it- it catches the light nicely, and carries the eye up to the window, which is one of my favorite things about the house. 

and finally, to end on a super positive note, the sun is coming back!  hooray! 

i’m hoping to put that re-vamp plan into action this weekend, updates as they become available… have a great weekend!

3 Responses to “leavin’ on a jet plane”

  1. Oh, kiddo! It will be ok! How could it not? They brought Jerome to protect them!

  2. Okay. Caution. Do not play with HUMONGOUS sharp knives while crying!! hee hee hee….. Now, let me say, if I had babies, especially ones with faces like that….I would be balling now. And later and tomorrow. So, I am sure you are feeling normal feelings……? Hugs hugs hugs.. why are they away? and when will they return???

  3. Christina! Says:

    How cute the face is, and how lovely the mobile is!! I want to make it. We should have a craft get together where we make beautiful things and the kids make fun things they can feel proud about. I really miss you guys and I’m so sorry I havent talked to you in a while. Seeing their faces on your blog made me have great feelings!! I think Sage and Zander are home today? Give them 10 kisses and hugs each for me ok?

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