revamp part three

the babies are home in one hour- i cannot wait to squeeze them and nibble on their cheeks.  mmmmm, nibbles….

sorry.  my weekend was mucho productivo.  i almost finished the bedroom re-vamp, except for clearing out all of my other, non-crafting home business stuff into the other room, and installing the table, which i don’t have as of yet.  i am very impressed with myself- i did all of it today (tuesday), and all by myself!  no bribery baking required!  what do you think?  oh, and don’t forget what it used to look like.  keep in mind, i didn’t spend extra time trying to make it look super duper perfect, that’s just not me.  so, while there are still piles all over, i think it’s well on its way to being a very useful space for me. 

eventually there will be a magnetic board under the giant bulletin board, both making my inspiration wall.  that’s also where the standing height work table will be.  don’t you love that little white medicine cart?  i got that at a yard sale- i love it!  ok, on to the other big accomplishment of the weekend, i made my first painting!  here’s a really terrible photo of the photo i based it on:

i took it from a boat in the inner harbor here in baltimore.  here’s the painting, be kind, it’s my first ever:

what do you think?  i hope your weekend was productive, too! 

4 Responses to “revamp part three”

  1. Wow! You’ve been busy and your babes are on their way back to you, none the worse for wear! I like the room re-arrange and look at that painting! I like the mix of realizm and impressionism. GOOD JOB! *hug*

  2. Love that the babies are coming home….What a strange sensation for the household to be gone, I bet? You were so super productive! As for painting! Bravo! I love that you plunged!!!Fab!!

  3. How are the lovelies????? Did you squeeze the heck outta them????

  4. hi heather,
    i think your painting looks terrific!!!!! i hope you continue to paint more stuff!!!!!
    lots of love,
    ligeia 🙂

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